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Aetna Health Insurance California - Aetna California Health Insurance Plans - About Aetna California, Aetna Health Insurance – California Plans

California Plans

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Aetna California health insurance provides some of the most popular plans in the state. In addition to health insurance, the company sells dental, life, and disability insurance. Aetna’s mission is to make available products that help individuals and families maintain economic stability, financial security, and optimum health. Aetna is known not just for pushing their insurance plans, but for providing a host of valuable resources online, in print, and through representatives that help consumers make informed decisions on important insurance issues.

About Aetna California

Aetna California is a division of Aetna, Inc., a Fortune 100 health insurance company based out of Hartford, Connecticut. Aetna was founded in 1850 as a life insurance company, giving them over 160 years of experience in the insurance industry. Through these years, Aetna has built an insurance powerhouse that consistently reports annual revenues from $25 billion to $35 billion. They have a total of 17.5 million members in their health insurance plans in all 50 states, and their network coverage includes over 470,000 doctors and more than 4,700 hospitals nationwide.

Aetna has won a number of awards and received national recognition for various achievements. Some of their more prestigious awards include the following:

• 2003 – Best Disease Management Program in Managed Care award for their program Chronic Heart Failure.
• 2004 – Best Business Turnaround award for innovation, leadership, and integrity in business practices.
• 2005 – Excellence in Workplace Volunteer Programs for challenging their employees to volunteer time in useful endeavors.
• 2006 – Affiliated Innovation and Excellence: Chronic Care award for their diabetic management plans.
• 2006 – eValue8TM Innovation award for the Rx Check Program.
• 2006 – Recognizing Innovation in Multicultural Health Care award for delivering quality programs to racially/ethnically diverse individuals and families.
• 2007 – Ranked #2 by Fortune Magazine for Most Admired Company in Health Care.
• 2007 – Behavioral Health Award for dealing with mental health and substance abuse in the U.S. workforce.

Aetna Health Insurance – California Plans

Aetna Health Insurance in California has 12 plans for families and individuals available to choose from. Plans differ by coverage, deductible, and copayment percentages.

MC Open Access High-Deductible 3000 – Premiums on this plan are low. Deductibles are $3,000 individuals/$6,000 families. No fees or copays after the deductible is met. This is meant to be used in conjunction with a health savings account.

MC Open Access High-Deductible 5000 – As above except premiums are lower, and deductibles are $5,000 individual/$10,000 family.

First Dollar MC Open Access 25 – Premiums are moderately high on this plan, but there is no deductible. Insured pays 25% on hospitalization and skilled care up to $2,500 individual/$5,000 family. Office copays are $25 general practitioner/$35 specialist.

First Dollar MC Open Access 40 – Premiums are moderate but out-of-pocket expenses are higher than the 25 plan. The insured pays 40% hospitalization up to $3,500 individual/$7,000 individual. Office copay is $40 general/$50 specialist.

PPO 500 – This plan has low annual deductibles of $500 individual/$1,000 family. Out-of-pocket maximum is $5,000 individual/$10,000 family. Hospitalization liability is 20% after deductible, and copays are $30 general/$40 specialist.

PPO 1500 – As the PPO 500 except deductibles are $1,500/$3,000, out-of-pocket limits are $6,000/$12,000, hospital payments are 30%, and copays are $30/$40.

PPO 2500 – This plan has deductibles of $2,500/$5,000, out-of-pocket limits $7,000/$14,000, hospitalization payment of 20%, skilled care at 30%, and copays of $30/$40.

PPO 5000 – The PPO 5,000 has deductibles of $5,000/$10,000, out-of-pocket limits $8,000/$16,000, hospitalization/skilled care 30%, copays $40/$50.

PPO Value 1500 – The Value 1500 offers deductibles of $1,500/$3,000, out-of-pocket limits $5,000/ $10,000, hospitalization/skilled care 25% after deductible, copays of 25%.

PPO Value 5000 – This plan has low premiums but coverage has $5,000/$10,000 deductibles, $7,500/$15,000 out-of-pocket maximum, hospitalization/skilled care 30%, copay of 30%.

Preventative and Hospital Care 1250 – In this plan, office visits, drugs, therapy, and medical equipment are not covered. Deductibles are $1,250 per person with a 2-person limit. Out-of-pocket expenses max out at $2,500 per individual, and hospital, home care, and skilled nursing is requires 20% pay.

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