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Low Income Insurance - Can You Get Low Income Health Insurance?

Understanding Low Income Health Insurance and Whether or Not You Qualify

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Health insurance is a major concern, especially for those who don’t have it and can’t afford it. If your income is limited and you’re having a hard time making ends meet, traditional health insurance plans probably aren’t an option for you and your family. This is very unfortunate, especially when you consider that the people who need health insurance the most are usually the people who can’t afford to pay the high premiums charged by the health insurance companies.

Is there any way to find low income insurance to protect you and your family from debilitating medical bills while providing you with access to the health care you need? Fortunately low income insurance is out there, but the details regarding who qualifies for these plans and how you can find them are a bit murky. Here’s some information to help.

Each and every state in the U.S. has low income insurance that is funded by the government. That being said, the specifics regarding who qualifies for these low income insurance plans vary from state to state. For state-assisted low income insurance your income and assets are usually not the only factors used in determining your eligibility. Most states will only offer low-income insurance to families with children, pregnant women or people with disabilities. If you do not fall into one of these categories then you may not qualify for the low income insurance programs offered by your state.

If you do not qualify for your state’s low income insurance program there are still insurance options out there. Many local health departments offer low income health services to people who cannot afford normal health care. While these services do not constitute a health insurance plan, per se, they can provide you with access to meet some of your health care needs.

There are also affordable health insurance plans available online that may meet the basic needs of low-income individuals. Some plans can be purchased for as little as $50 per month. While these low income health plans are not as comprehensive as the plans offered by state-assistance programs, they can provide you with some health care coverage.

Upcoming Changes

Right now health insurance can be very difficult for individuals to obtain, especially those who have limited income but do not have children or a disability that would make them eligible for state aid. In 2014, however, that will change. In 2014 more people will be eligible for low income insurance through the Medicaid program. If your income is below 133 percent of the national poverty level then you may become eligible for low income insurance assistance funded by the government, even if you are not eligible at this current time.

If you do not qualify for low income insurance right now you may want to look into finding an affordable, bare-bones health plan to cover any major medical expenses. When new laws regarding low income health insurance come into effect you can, at that time, see if you qualify for assistance to help with your health insurance costs.

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