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Voip Phone Service Provider - 5 Questions to Ask Any VOIP Phone Service Provider Before Signing Up

What Do You Need to Know Before Choosing a VOIP Service Provider?

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If you’re interested in getting VOIP phone service, you’re probably wondering which VOIP service provider you should go with. Are they all the same? Which ones are better than others? How can you tell? The questions are endless. If you want to choose the right VOIP service provider, there are five questions you absolutely have to ask. Here are the facts to get before making a decision as to which VOIP service provider is right for you.

1. Is There a Contract?

Before signing up for any VOIP service provider, ask if there is a contract that you will be obligated to uphold. If there is, ask how long the contract is for and how long you have to cancel it. If you get tied into a 12-month contract with no cancellation period, you may find that you are stuck with a VOIP service provider you don’t like for a full year before you can get out of the agreement.

2. What Are the Start-Up Costs?

When you sign up with a VOIP service provider, the cost of the monthly service may not be the only thing you are responsible for. Find out if there are any set-up costs and how much you have to pay for any equipment that may be necessary.

3. What is Included?

Not every VOIP service provider will include all of the features you need at the advertised rate. Find out if all of your local and long distance calling with be included and if there are any extra charges for features like caller ID, voice mail and call waiting. No one wants unpleasant surprises when a bill comes in. If you don’t clarify these inclusions with your VOIP service provider before you sign up, that’s exactly what you may be facing.

4. Is Emergency 911 Service Included?

Not every VOIP service provider is set up to handle 9-1-1 calls. If you assume that 9-1-1 service is included and you need it, you might find yourself in a predicament if it is not. Make sure that the VOIP service provider you choose includes 9-1-1 service before signing any VOIP service provider contract.

5. What About Your Phone Number?

If you want to keep your phone number, make sure they can transfer your existing phone number over to their services. If a new number is needed, ask if local numbers for your area are available. You want to make sure you choose a VOIP service provider that can offer you a phone number for your local calling area.

There are literally dozens of providers to choose from when it comes to VOIP services. Make sure you ask all of the questions above before choosing the VOIP service provider that is right for you. Not only can it save you money, but doing so will save you future hassles and will ensure that you sign up with a company that can handle your VOIP service needs efficiently and effectively.

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