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Discount Disney Vacation - Discount Disney Vacation - Off-Peak Travel to Disney, Look for Alternative Lodging

Inexpensive Disney Family Vacations

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Now more than ever, many families are looking for ways to minimize their vacation budgets without cutting their vacations altogether. As always, Disney theme parks are popular family vacation destinations. But for those looking to stretch their vacation dollars, a trip to Walt Disney World in Florida or Disneyland in California may seem out of the question. Luckily, however, there are a few key strategies that might allow such families to make it to “the happiest place on earth.”

Off-Peak Travel to Disney

The first option to consider when planning a Disney vacation is travel dates. The peak-seasons at the Disney parks are spring break in March and April and holiday weekends. Off season is the late winter and later summer months. If at all possible, families looking to save money should travel during the off seasons.

In addition to being willing to travel off-peak, families that have flexible travel dates are more likely to find discount Disney vacations. Most online travel sites allow flexible searches for flights and hotels, and sometimes the difference of a day or two can save hundreds of dollars.

Look for Alternative Lodging

The most expensive hotel options are almost always going to be the Disney hotels. While these hotels offer convenience and atmosphere, other hotels in the area offer many of the same amenities without the extra price tag that the Disney brand brings. For families looking to save money, a careful online search of the areas around the theme parks could save significant money, especially if they are willing to drive a little way.

If they are resolute on staying at a Disney resort, there are cheaper and less expensive options among the Disney-owned properties. Before booking a hotel, it is important to explore all of the possible lodging options.

Another lodging option is to search for private rentals. It is not uncommon for individuals and companies to rent out single family homes or condominiums to vacationers. For a weekly rate that is often cheaper than a hotel, a family could stay at a house fairly close to the theme parks.

Make Your Own Food

In addition to the money that might be saved on lodging with a private rental, this option will also help the family on a budget save money on food costs. With a kitchen at their disposal, they can avoid buying every meal at a restaurant. By eating just one home made meal a day, a family of five could save hundreds over the course of a week. Whether they using a private rental or hotel with a kitchenette, avoiding eating out as much as possible is one of the key strategies for a discount Disney vacation.

Do Not Buy Souvenirs at the Parks

While it is tempting to buy that Goofy t-shirt or Donald Duck bottle opener at the park, such items can usually be found at stores and outlet malls outside of the parks for a fraction of the costs. So rather than paying premium dollars for souvenirs in the park, a stop at a store on the way back to the hotel could end up being a major money saver.

Disney Rewards Visa Card

For those who are planning ahead, the Disney Rewards Visa card can be a great means of saving money. In addition to earning points toward Disney purchases with every dollar spent on the card, cardholders also have access to exclusive deals at the parks.

Online Searches and Discount Disney Sites

As mentioned above, careful searching on travel websites is the best way to find discounts on flights, lodging, and other vacation options. For those looking to stay at Disney resorts, the Disney Vacations site provides several search options.

There are also a number of online websites and chat boards devoted to discount Disney vacations. One of the best is MouseSavers.com. Information and deals at Disney theme parks in both Florida and California can be found on this site.

Although it may take a little extra work, those looking for discount Disney vacations can find deals that will make it possible to have a memorable family vacation without breaking the bank.

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