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Family All Inclusive Vacations - All Inclusive Family Vacation Resorts - Types of All Inclusive Family Vacations, Destinations

Locations and Strategies

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For both the convenience and price, all inclusive resorts and vacations that include the cost of meals as well as alcohol have been a popular option among vacationers for some time now. More recently, the popularity of all inclusive vacations for the whole family has been on the rise. With amenities like babysitting, children and teen activities, and adult-only areas, many all inclusive vacation resorts now have something to offer the whole family.

Types of All Inclusive Family Vacations

In general, families who are looking for an all inclusive vacations have two options. They can find a family-friendly cruise line or an all inclusive family resort. Along with the family favorite Disney Cruise line, most cruise lines now cater to families and offer activities that appeal to different age groups. Cruise ships often differ from traditional all-inclusive resorts, however, because soft drinks and alcohol are not included in the cost. The more traditional all-inclusive resorts began with Club Med in the 1950s. Other adults only resorts continued to spring up through the 1980s and 90s, when family friendly all inclusive resorts were launched. Like cruise ships, these resorts often have age-specific activities for members of the whole family, provide babysitting, and have adult-only restaurants and other areas.


Both cruises and all inclusive resorts are usually located in warm-weather spots. A particularly popular destination for families looking for an all inclusive vacation is the Caribbean. With Disney Cruises running out of Cape Canaveral, Florida and many other cruise lines active year around, family-friendly cruises are often bound for destinations like the Bahamas and Jamaica. Also on Jamaica, the all inclusive Beaches Resort and the Franklin D. Resort both offer packages for the whole family. All inclusive vacations are also available at Breezes Resort in the Bahamas and Club Med in the Dominican Republic.

Mexico is another popular vacation for those looking for all-inclusive family vacations. In addition to the cruises that often run between western Florida and the eastern coast of Mexico, resorts like the Moon Palace in Cancun cater to families who are looking for an all inclusive vacation.

For those who are for a family friendly all inclusive vacation in the United States, more and more options are available. No matter what region of the country they are traveling in, families looking for an all inclusive resort should be able to find what they are looking for. In the Midwest, there are nine all-inclusive resorts in Minnesota alone. Places like the Gun Flint Lodge on Minnesota’s north shore offer families who are looking for a north woods getaway all of the luxuries of a Caribbean all inclusive resort. In the west, the Smoke Tree Ranch in Palm Springs, California is an all inclusive resort that the whole family can enjoy. Finally, for the family looking for an all inclusive vacation in the Orlando, Florida area, the Nickelodeon Family Suites offers plenty of activities for both children and adults.

All inclusive family vacations are growing in popularity and options for these resorts will continue to grow. With the convenience and amenities offered at these locations, the whole family can enjoy all inclusive vacations.

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