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Le Mystere Bra - All About Le Mystere Bra - Le Mystere Bra Company, Le Mystere Bra Collections, Essentials Collection

black available design lace

The Le Mystere Bra is renowned throughout the world for their superior fit and seamless design. Not only do their bras support and shape, but they are made from comfortable microfiber. The company feels their products are so special that they refuse to even call them bras, instead relying on the superior connotations of lingerie or intimate apparel.

Le Mystere Bra Company

Michael Rabinowitz, CEO of Le Mystere, founded the company over 18 years ago as a way to market his personal idea that women’s underwear should be “all about fit.” Bringing over 20 years of experience in the undergarment industry to his new company, Rabinowitz discovered that his idea about the perfectly-fitting undergarments were exactly what women wanted, and he set about to design the ultimate bra that was both functional and fashionable.

Le Mystere Bra Collections

To make the idea of creating the perfect-fit bra a reality, it was important to understand that every woman is built differently, so in designing Le Mystere bras it was necessary to introduce a variety of styles, sizes, and collections. Le Mystere bras are available in several designs that fall into one of three categories. Each design has the unique characteristic of holding a woman’s name.

Essentials Collection

The Essentials Collection is the flagship of the Le Mystere bra company. These garments are made of molded microfiber or lace silhouettes.

Isabella – This is an all-lace design available in black or natural. The memory foam-cups help create enticing curves.

Francesca- Francesca is another all-lace design, but a little more delicate than Isabella. It also incorporates memory foam cups. It is available in black and nude.

Tisha- The Le Mystere Tisha bra is one of the best-sellers. It is made for everyday wear from seamless microfiber. The hidden underwire creates a super smooth look and the wide straps are made for comfort. Color choice includes black, nude, ivory, and primrose.

Heather Racerback- Heather is a microfiber/lace fusion that uses a front closure and lace racerback for extra support. It is made for traveling, going out, or any occasion that requires a woman to be active yet look elegant. Heather is available in grey or oatmeal.

Delphine – Delphine features light, breathable cups that still provide remarkable support. Back wings are wide for added comfort. Color choice includes cream, black, and natural.

GiGi- GiGi is perfect for gowns with plunging necklines, but is equally wearable under sweaters or t-shirts. It features double linguine straps. Colors available are black and nude.

Camille- Camille is a molded bra made of double-ply microfiber. A hidden sling gives extra support on the sides of the cups. Camille is available in black and natural.

Full Fit Collection

The Full Fit Collection is really just a continuation of the Essentials Collection. The only difference is that this collection is designed with the full-figured woman in mind.

Lolita- Lolita is a strapless bra that uses a bump pad for support. It comes with removable decorative straps and is available in noir and natural.

Dream Tisha- The Dream design of the Le Mystere Tisha bra is made for everyday wear and boasts the approval of Oprah Winfrey. Colors available are black, nude, ivory, natural, primrose, and pearl print.

Carina- Carina is versatile because it features scalloped straps that can be worn standard or criss-cross. The fabric is Meryl, and the color choice is black or natural.

Elysee- Elysee is made of super-soft plush microfiber with scalloped lace on the wings. Colors available are ivory/buff and almond/pink.

Specialty Collection

The Le Mystere bra Specialty Collection is made for those extra-special situations, such as weddings, honeymoons, romantic evenings, maternity, or sports.

Bridal – The bridal is actually a bustier and not a bra. It is perfect for wedding gowns. It comes in ivory, white, and black.

Energie – The Energie design is for the dedicated sportswoman. Smooth pads make sure that breasts never suffer from chaffing. The fabric is a blend of cotton and spandex with a wicking finish. It is available in black, heather, and white.

Florence – Florence is bra specially designed for nursing. It provides support with underwire, and it is made of cotton and lace. Colors are black, nude, and white.

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