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Hawaii Travel Package - Finding Good Hawaii Travel Packages

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The Aloha State is notoriously difficult to reach, isolated so far into the Pacific that it draws from East/Southeast Asian and Australian culture almost as much as it draws from that of America.

Getting to Hawaii is done most often by plane: of 550,000 visitors in May 2010, not even 3,000 of these arrived by ship. Once there, tourists can choose to stay at an all-inclusive resort where food, alcohol, and other entertainments are provided as part of the entire stay. Alternatively, they can stay at one or more hotels, enjoying increased mobility and independence in exchange for a more variable travel budget that does not include meals and other expenses.

In trying to get to Hawaii on the cheap, travelers may look for Hawaii travel packages to minimize costs. Hawaii travel packages are available through a variety of websites. Major travel sites like Travelzoo, Expedia, Travelocity, Orbitz, and others do a fine job assembling information for Hawaii travel. In addition to their search functions, these websites provide deals sections which assemble travel deals for popular destinations, allowing potential customers to quickly browse the options available to them. These deals range from simple hotel discounts to entire travel packages.

Sites such as Travelzoo even provide travel package mailing lists. Signing up for one of these is free and easy. Users provide the site with a list of destinations, and the website sends emails whenever they locate a new deal. This extension of their search feature allows would-be travelers to be planning their trip at all times, with regular updates appearing in their inbox.

Even with these services, there are still some questions to be answered. Potential tourists must still decide when to travel.

As with most tourist destinations, Hawaii has an off-season when businesses offer special prices to compete for a drastically reduced number of tourists. Long travel times make Hawaii an unpopular destination for short trips, which means that most Hawaiian tourism occurs during the long breaks of Christmas, spring break, and summer.

The Hawaiian off-season occurs during the break-free portions of the American school year. Tourism tapers off in late August—the end of summer vacation. Popularity (and thus prices) remains low until December, when Christmas break begins.

East/Southeast Asian holidays also impact travel deals to Hawaii. The Lunar New Year, or Chinese New Year, varies between mid-January to mid-February, and many vacations in South Korea, China, Japan, and elsewhere are planned around its associated vacations. Before long, the American spring break appears and adds another influx of tourism.

In short, the Hawaiian off season occurs from August to November, April, and May. A few deals may also sprout up in January and February dependent on Asian travel expectations.

To get the best Hawaii travel packages, travelers should be flexible with their travel dates while searching for available deals. Even with advance planning, the best deals can be unexpected, such as last-minute travel options made available weeks or even days before the departure time. Though few travelers can afford that kind of last-minute flexibility, a seized opportunity can result in some rather impressive savings.

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