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Teaching English Second Language - Facts about Teaching English Second Language - Qualifications for teaching English second language

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Teaching English second language is an amazing adventure into the languages and cultures of people from around the world, even if they have come to the United States to live or work. In many cases, teaching English as second language may require teachers to teach students whose native language is not one they speak. This requires those who are teaching English second language to come up with some very creative ways to communicate and teach English as second language.

Qualifications for teaching English second language

Those who decide to begin teaching English second language will find a wide range of educational requirements, depending on what type of institution they want to teach in. However, the best place to start education for teaching English second language is with a TEFL, or Teaching English as a Foreign Language, certificate. This certificate will allow teachers to either work in their home country or abroad.

Techniques for those who are teaching English second language

People who are teaching English second language will find a variety of techniques to be very helpful as they try to get the message across about the language. For example, props may be very helpful because they will provide an easy way to build students’ English vocabulary. One way to build students’ personal interest in the lessons is by having them bring in personal photographs of their family members. This will open up a big talking point that will allow for plenty of conversation.

Writing and speaking English second language

One of the most important differences those who are teaching English second language will notice is that it tends to be much more difficult for students to learn to write English than it will be for them to learn how to speak it. This is one of the reasons many people who are teaching English second language tend to start by focusing on speech. Also people are more likely to encounter situations in which they need to speak the language before they will have to begin writing it.

Teaching advanced and beginning students

Those who are teaching English second language will also have to remember that it is not uncommon to have students who are at different stages of their learning in the same class. In some cases, teachers may have to break the lessons down in several different ways so they can cover all of the teaching levels of their students.

Teachers of English as a second language also differentiate between those who have had no exposure to English and those who were exposed to the English language at some point earlier in their lives. Students whose home countries use some English or have a lot of English speakers in relation to the rest of the population are known as false beginners because they already have some minor knowledge of the language. Students who come from countries where there are no English speakers are known as absolute beginners. Understanding which level of English these students are at is an important part of teaching English second language successfully.

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