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Nextel Cellular Phones - Products and Features of Nextel Cellular Phones

connect direct coverage motorola

In 2005, Sprint and Nextel merged to create Sprint Nextel, the third largest wireless provider in the United States. As of 2010, the modern face of Nextel is now as a fairly separate product within selections of Sprint Nextel products. Nextel cellular phones come in Motorola and Blackberry varieties, and all feature Direct Connect technology.

Direct Connect is the main selling point of Nextel Cellular Phones. Easily identified by its distinctive chirp, this service is a big part of the Nextel brand. Direct Connect capable phones come with a second number which can be given out instead of or in addition to the primary number. Users can then connect to other Nextel customers free of charge, speaking for as long as they want through Direct Connect. Additionally, up to twenty people can be on a Direct Connect line at a time, and Nextel Cellular phones easily allow for the construction of groups for rapid contact.

Direct Connect also has the unique ability to communicate in a walkie-talkie like fashion with other cell phones, even in areas of no coverage. This capability makes it a lauded choice for American first response services, who in the event of a disaster can communicate even when other cellular lines are non-functional.

Conventional cell phone coverage includes most of the continental United States coastline, the eastern half of the Midwest, most of New England, and Hawaii. Coverage is sparse in the western Midwest, with Montana receiving no coverage whatsoever. Alaska is also not an option for Nextel coverage. Area code searches and a full coverage map can be accessed on this map of Sprint’s national coverage.

Nextel cellular phones can be purchased by price, style, durability, or functionality. Nextel’s most budget-friendly phone is the Motorola i335, available for $39.99 when purchased online. It is GPS navigation enabled, allowing users to sign up for a GPS plan in addition to the regular package. Like most modern phones, it is internet capable, and it is equipped with a full qwerty keyboard for messaging and email.

For style, Nextel offers the i9 Motorola Stature. For $149.99 after rebate, this music-, web-, and GPS-capable phone comes in a sleek, slender design with a variety of additional functions. Its 3.1 megapixel camera is a cut above the 2 megapixel standard. A touch pad screen allows for sophisticated closed-phone functionality, while the opened phone comes with a customizable shortcut navigation key and standard phone keypad.

The i680 Motorola Brute is an aptly named product built for maximum durability. At $119 after rebate, this phone is a compact flip phone with an extra-thick plastic and rubber construction. Its features are standard, including a conventional keypad and internet capability.

The Blackberry Curve 8350i Smartphone is the Nextel’s iPhone offering to the cellular arena. At $99 after rebate, this product is competitively priced and loaded with all the features which consumers have come to expect from the Blackberry brand. These features include all the functions found in the Stature at a reduced price without the added perk of a more powerful camera.

Nextel may not be its own independent name anymore, but the brand is still identifiable for Direct Connect and other features.

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