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Head Tennis Equipment - Head Tennis Equipment - History of Head Tennis Equipment, Head Tennis Equipment Products

Tennis Equipment by Head N.V.

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One of the leading providers of tennis gear in the world, Head N.V. is based out of Amsterdam, Netherlands, and Kennelbach, Austria. In addition to their tennis equipment, the company also produces skiing, raquetball, and diving equipment.

History of Head Tennis Equipment

Founded by Howard Head in 1950, Head N.V. was originally exclusively a ski manufacturer. Head was an engineer and the inventor of the first metal skis. The company soon gained a large share of the skiing equipment market in the United States and United Kingdom. In the late 1960s, Howard Head and his team designed an aluminum-framed tennis racket which gained prominence after it was featured in the 1969 U.S. Open. That same year, AMF took over control of the company and Howard Head retired. Although the company was started in Baltimore, Maryland, its headquarters are now in Europe.

Head Tennis Equipment Products

While the company offers a range of tennis products, their mainstay remains the aluminum-framed tennis racket, from their professional level YouTek line, which features rackets in the $200-$300 range, to the more basic prestrung models available for $25 to $100. The company also has a line for juniors, which has the same price range as the prestrung models.

In addition to rackets, the company also sells other tennis accessories, including balls, racket grips, and shoes. Its shoes are typically around $50. The company also specializes in racket strings, offering different stringing options for power, control, durability, and spin.

Since it first entered the tennis market, the company has been known as a technological innovator. The YouTek Prestige Pro is a recent example of Head’s use of engineering and technology to produce a better product. The racket is built with a flexible frame to adopt to a player’s shots without compromising on stability.

Reviews of Head Tennis Equipment

In its April 2010 Racquet Review, Tennis Magazine highly rated several Head products. Both the YouTek Extreme MP and the YouTek Prestige Mid/Prestige MP/Prestige Pro were given high marks as a versatile hybrid racket for advanced players. The reviewers were especially impressed with the technological advancements that added to the stability and usefulness of the rackets.

Along with Wilson and Prince, Head’s products are consistently ranked among the top tennis rackets on the market.

Tennis Professionals who Use Head Tennis Equipment

Approximately 30% of the ATP Tour’s Top 100 use Head Tennis Equipment. Probably the best-known player to use Head equipment is the now-retired Andre Agassi. Probably the most famous active player who uses Head Tennis Equipment is British player Andy Murray.

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