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Digital Music Recorder - The Best Digital Music Recorder - Memory cards, Convenience, Price

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Anyone who has been shopping for the best digital music recorder knows that there are many different options and features to choose from. A digital music recorder is often small and portable, and it is the perfect gadget for a techie who is really into music. However, perhaps the most confusing thing about buying a digital music recorder is the fact that many of them are roughly the same price, although the features on each digital music recorder may be completely different. Let’s take a look at some of the most common features on a digital music recorder. From there, consumers can decide which features are most important to them.

Memory cards

Usually a digital music recorder utilizes some form of memory card to store the audio it records. However, some recorders also employ some type of removable media storage, which is perfect for those moments when the memory card is full. After all, usually memory cards require the device to be connected to a computer so the music can be sent over to the computer. This can be a problem if the card fills up and there is no way to get to a computer to empty the card. This is why most people who are looking for a good digital music recorder will definitely want to look for one that has additional storage that can be removed. Memory cards for digital music recorders are the same format as those for digital cameras, so your best two choices are a recorder that works with either CompactFlash or SDHC. MicroSD is also a good choice in formats. A good size for a memory card is 16 gigabytes.


Another important feature of a good digital music recorder is convenience. This will mean different things for different people, depending on exactly what they want to use the device for. Reporters who are looking for a small recording device may not want to mess around with setting up a separate external microphone, while recording artists probably will. Some devices allow for smaller external microphones to be hooked up to them, while others allow for full size microphones. Still others do not have any hookups for external microphones, so this is an important consideration. Additionally, some devices have more than one recording channel, which allows users to isolate parts of the audio by separating it into different channels.

One other aspect of convenience is the size of the LCD screen and the buttons on the device. A device that is too small may not be good for someone with larger fingers or poorer eyesight. Also the relative brightness of the LCD screen is important because devices with darker screens are much more difficult to read and use.

Convenience also plays an important part in what kind of job you need the device for. Reporters will find that the Olympus line of digital recorders will suit them the best. One journalist recommends the WS-310M. This device runs off of just one AAA battery, and its small size allows reporters to pull it out in one slick movement and be ready to record what people have to say. On the other hand, recording artists will prefer the Tascam DR-08 recorder, which offers various recording formats like WAV and MP 3, in addition to two different microphones that have adjustable angle mechanisms.


As mentioned earlier, the price of a digital music recorder is pretty standard. Most run about $200 to $300, no matter what kinds of features they have on them. However, there is the occasional digital music recorder that is priced at $50 or $600, so consumers so consider the reasons why these few devices are priced so high or so low. They may be looking at lower or higher quality recording capabilities, or they might see one feature that makes all the difference in the price.

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