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London Fog Coats - London Fog Coats - London Fog History, London Fog Coats and Products

London Fog Products

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In spite of the company’s name, London Fog coats and other products are made by an American company. The Londontown Clothing Company was founded in 1923 by Israel Myers. Its original factory was in Baltimore, Maryland, although it is now located in Darien, Connecticut. It was not until the 1990s that the company began selling its products in the United Kingdom.

The company supplied the U.S. Navy with waterproof coats during World War II and was a leading outerwear manufacturer for the second half of the twentieth century. London Fog is responsible for many innovations to overcoats. In the 1950s, they worked with the chemical company Dupont to develop a durable water-repelling material for their coats. They also invented the removable coat liner in the 1950s. By the 1980s, the company was the largest raincoat and outerwear manufacturer in the world. The company was purchased by the larger subsidiary Iconix Brand Group in 2006.

London Fog Coats and Products

Although they began making other products in the 1960s, the mainstay of the London Fog company remains its rain coats and outerwear. The company currently offers a wide selection of men’s coats, with seventeen models ranging from $50 to $100 currently on sale at their website.The coats’ colors are mostly gray, black, and dark blues and greens. Their most expensive men’s coat is the $100 Jimmy raincoat. It is also their only three-quarter length men’s coat. A wider variety of coats, including older models, are available at London Fog retail stores and other online retailers. In addition to its outerwear, the company also sells men’s fedoras and beanie caps.

The London Fog website also sells thirty-one models of women’s coats that cost $90 to $100. A wide variety of colors are offered in women’s coats, and they are typically three-quarter length overcoats. In addition to coats, other women’s products offered by London Fog are purses (from $115-$200) and boots (at about $130). Although not currently available on the official website, other women’s products and children’s coats are also available at London Fog retail stores and at online shopping sites.

Along with their new products, there is a strong online market for vintage London Fog coats. Although prices and condition can greatly vary, some vintage coats in good condition can cost between $100 to $150. The classic look of many London Fog coats from the 1960s and 1970s has made the coats popular vintage items. The coats are featured on the TV show Mad Men, which is set in the 1960s. This publicity has increased the market for vintage London Fog coats in recent years.

Although they are also currently not for sale on the company’s website, London Fog has produced luggage, umbrellas, and sunglasses in the past. All of these items can be found at various online shopping sites and often at other retailers. The luggage typically costs $125 to $150 per piece.

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