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Mizuno Baseball Cleats - Mizuno Baseball Cleats - Mizuno Baseball Cleats in the American Market, Mizuno Baseball Cleats

Mizuno Baseball Cleats in the US

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The Mizuno Corporation was founded by by Rihachi Mizuno in 1906. Although the company was founded in Osaka, Japan, it is now a world-wide corporation that sells sporting equipment for golf, baseball, running, and volleyball, among others. However, Rihachi Mizuno was a baseball fan and the company started as a baseball equipment store. Although it has diversified, the company has never strayed far from its roots, and a large portion of its products are baseball-related equipment, including baseball cleats.

Mizuno Baseball Cleats in the American Market

Although the company expanded rapidly through most of the twentieth century, it was not until 1980 that it launched an American division. The company continued to gain a larger share of the American market through the decade, and was firmly entrenched by the 1990s. In 2001 and 2002, Ichiro Suzuki and Miguel Tejada, two athletes who wore Mizuno baseball cleats, won M.L.B.‘s American League MVP awards. This significantly increased Mizuno’s market presence in America. Also in 2002, top American softball player Jennie Fitch signed a contract to endorse Mizuno products, bringing Mizuno cleats into the field as a player on the United States softball teams. Finch resigned with Mizuno in 2006.

By 2010, Mizuno cleats had a major presence in the markets for both baseball and softball in America.

Mizuno Baseball Cleats

Mizuno baseball cleats are available for men, women, and youth.

Men’s Mizuno baseball cleats are available with either metal or molded plastic cleats. They also offer both high and low tops and a variety of colors. The prices range from around $25 to the Classic G4 cleats to around $100 for the Pro Limited G5 model. The company also sells men’s training and running shoes, which range from $50 to around $100.

Women’s Mizuno cleats are offered in similar styles and colors, with both metal and molded plastic cleats for sale. The prices are also similar. The Mizuno Finch 9 cleats can be found for $25 or lower on some internet shopping sites and the Mizuno Finch 9 G3 costs about $90. As with men’s shoes, women’s trainers are available for about $50 to $100.

Only molded plastic cleats are available in the youth Mizuno baseball cleat line. With prices from $25-$50, both boys and girls shoes youth cleats are available. Unlike the men’s and women’s lines, however, Mizuno does not make running or training shoes in their youth line.

In addition to baseball cleats, Mizuno also has a large share of the market in baseball gloves. They also produce bats and batting gloves for both baseball and softball. As of 2010, they are the official provider of baseballs for the Japanese Professional Baseball League.

MLB Players who Wear Mizuno Baseball Cleats

Mizuno baseball equipment is currently used by over 400 professional baseball players around the world.

In addition to Ichiro, other current MLB players who wear Mizuno baseball cleats include Chipper Jones, Hideki Matsui, Ian Kinsler, and Victor Martinez.

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