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Niagara Falls Vacations - Niagara Falls Vacations - History of Niagara Falls Vacations, Niagara Falls Vacation Packages

Niagara Falls Vacations Packages

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Known for many years as the “Honeymoon Capital of the World,” Niagara Falls now offers attractions to people and families of all ages. On the border of New York and Ontario, Canada, the Niagara Falls are actually three separate waterfalls: the massive Horseshoe Falls, which is mainly on the Canadian side, and two smaller water falls on the American side, the American Falls and the Bridal Veil Falls. On average, over 4 million cubic feet of water per minute flows over the falls. In addition to the amazing site of the falls themselves, a number tourist attractions are found in the surrounding areas.

History of Niagara Falls Vacations

Since the European explorers first saw the falls in the 17th century, the location has attracted visitors. By the 19th century, tourism was the area’s leading industry, and this remains the case today. The falls continued to increase in popularity throughout the 20th century as a number of people attempted to go over the falls. While many lost their lives, several men and women survived the plunge over the falls, leading to increased interest in Niagara Falls as a vacation destination.

Niagara Falls is also known as a prime honeymoon location. This practice is said to stretch back to the early 19th century, when Napoleon’s brother Jerome Bonaparte visited the city with his new bride. As the popularity of the site as a vacation spot increased, so also did its reputation as a honeymoon haven.

Niagara Falls Vacation Packages

In general the Info Niagara site, run by Niagara Central Reservations, is a great central resource of Niagara Falls vacations and area attractions, especially for travelers who are driving to the Niagara Falls area.

The prime season for vacations to Niagara Falls are the summer months. The weather will be best for viewing the Falls; however, prices for vacation packages during these times will also be highest. Although the weather may not be ideal for some outdoor activities, some visitors prefer visiting Niagara Falls during seasons like the fall and winter because of the calmer atmosphere and cooler weather.

Those looking for a Niagara Falls vacation package should have little trouble finding something that suits their interests. For honeymooners, a number of hotels and resorts in Niagara Falls offer both wedding and honeymoon packages. From a basic chapel ceremony to a lavish falls view event, the bride and groom who want to get married in Niagara Falls have many options. Families looking for a Niagara Falls vacation package will find lodging and attractions that offer something for the whole family. Both the Americana Resort and Spa and the Great Wolf Lodge on the Canadian side have an indoor waterparks and pool. Many of the local hotels offer other vacation packages, whether as a day trip from nearby Toronto, a romantic weekend getaway, or any number of other flexible options. Hotels typically offer vacation packages that include lodging and area attraction tickets. Also, both area hotels and Niagara Central Reservations sell tickets to multiple attractions at a discount rate. Finally, typical internet travel sites are also good places to search for Niagara Falls vacation packages, especially if you are interested in flights and rental cars in addition to lodging.

Niagara Falls Area Attractions

Niagara Falls has many famous tourist attractions. Since the mid-1850s, boats known as the Maid of the Mist have taken visitors close to the falls. For first-time visitors to the falls, a trip on the Maid of the Mist is essential. Another way to see the falls is on the Niagara Helicopters tour. Although more expensive than the Maid of the Mist, the Niagara Helicopter tour is an amazing way to see the falls. Other area attractions include the Butterfly Conservatory, the Guinness Book of World Records Museum, the Niagara Casino, and the Niagara IMAX Theatre.

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