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Strollers Travel System - Overview of Sit n Stand Strollers Travel Systems

Invention Stands as Parent Company Sits

baby trend patent model

Baby Trend “Sit n Stand” is a strollers travel system that is no longer made due to patent disputes. Though the patent has since passed to different hands, Sit n Stand strollers remain fairly popular and are still being sold in the aftermarket and serviced by their parent company.

The Sit n Stand is a strollers travel system. These multifunctional devices combine baby stroller, high chair, and car seat into one highly functional design. The strollers are lightweight but durable, with plenty of room for cargo space beneath. A cupholdered folding tray gives children a steady surface for meals or play, while cupholders and pockets sit in front of the parent for their convenience as well.

This product functions as advertised: babies can both sit and stand comfortably in these strollers travel systems. Their tolerance of both energetic bouncing and quiet slumbering are of great appeal to parents. Despite their size when deployed, they fit admirably into most vehicles as well, allowing parents to travel as easily as possible with a young child along for the ride. They also feature a rear break and a folding canopy above the child’s head.

Sit n Stand strollers come in five basic models, which can be viewed in more detail on the <a href = “http://www.babytrend.com/sit_n_stand/”manufacturer’s site:

  • LX: The standard model, this Sit n Stand stroller seats one and offers underbelly storage.
  • DX: A fairly new, upgraded model with more durable construction and a stand-on platform for an older sibling.
  • Plus: Offers an additional seat and canopy which can be converted to a stand-on platform.
  • Double: Similar to the plus, but with more room for the rear child.
  • Tagalong: Another newer model, more compact than the others.

Despite the products’ widespread popularity, Baby Trend has filed for bankruptcy after the disappearance of its CEO and the loss of its patent.

British-born Albert Fairclough claimed the original patent on strollers travel systems in England, 1994. Fairclough leased his design to Baby Trend until 2004, at which point the lease ended and the patent was passed on to a new buyer, Joovy Family Gear—a maker of strollers, high chairs, play yards, toys, and other miscellaneous baby accessories.

Scandal followed. Baby Trend ignored court orders to cease production of Sit n Stands, a violation which resulted in $8.3 million awarded to Robert Gardner, an ex-Baby Trend employee and founder of Joovy. His strollers travel system, the Joovy Caboose, is the only comparable travel system now being offered on the market.

After Baby Trend filed for bankruptcy in 2009, it became obvious that Sit n Stand was too much a portion of their market share to lose. The company’s remnants continue to honor their Sit n Stand strollers’ warranties, but as these run out, so too will the original product become a rarity.

At present, Sit n Stand strollers are still on the aftermarket. They are available online at Amazon and Baby Age or at brick-and-mortar store Stroller Depot.

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