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Arts Crafts Supplies - How to Buy Arts & Crafts Supplies - Common Arts & Crafts Supplies, Where to Buy Arts & Crafts Supplies

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Arts & crafts is a fun and rewarding hobby for people of all ages. If your interest is high enough, it can even be turned into a profitable business. Getting started in the hobby first requires finding and buying arts and crafts supplies. Arts and crafts supplies are not always easy to find, and when they are found, the prices may be out of your budget. While price is an important factor for everyone, for those trying to create a small arts and crafts business, it is crucial.

Common Arts & Crafts Supplies

For those who are new to arts and crafts, you may not be aware of all the supplies available. This list is far from complete, as anything has potential to be used as arts & crafts supplies, but some supplies are common and can be used on multiple projects. Here are some supplies to watch for:

• Paints – Paint is one of the most used supplies for arts and crafts. There are two main types used in the hobby world: oil paints, and watercolors. Acrylic paint is the most common type of water-based paint. It is relatively easy to find, and also easy to use by beginners. It can be used on a variety of materials. Oil paints are used mostly for fine painting on canvas.
• Clay – Sculpting clay is also very popular for arts & crafts supplies. Classic gray blocks are the cheapest type.
• Glue – Several types of glue may be necessary, depending on the materials to be glued.
• Paper – Colored paper or construction paper are an old staple among arts & crafts supplies.
• Colored pencils and markers – Sometimes paint is just not the right medium.
• Brushes – It is difficult, but not impossible, to paint without brushes.

Where to Buy Arts & Crafts Supplies

To get the best deal on arts and crafts supplies, it is necessary to shop around. Local stores may not have everything, and what they have may not be priced within your budget. Here are some places to look for supplies:

• Personal referrals – Seek out those who have an established arts & crafts hobby or those who run small, local businesses. Personal recommendations often lead to the best sources of arts supplies.
• Join a club or organization – Arts & crafts hobby clubs and trade organizations will have lists of great suppliers. If there are none near you, see if they have a mail-order or online service.
• Books and magazines – There are several magazines dedicated to arts and crafts. There will be plenty of advertisements in these magazines to point you in the right direction. There may also be reviews and recommendations.
• Online vendors – There are several online stores that specialize in arts & crafts supplies. These tend to have the best selection and the best prices. The only downside is that you must wait for their arrival.
• Big-box stores – Big-box stores specializing in arts and crafts supplies are good choice to find a large selection and great prices. Michael’s, Hobby Lobby, and A.C. Moore are three of the top big-box art supply stores. The downside is that these stores do not always have the most knowledgeable staff, and service may be lacking at some locations.

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