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Mls By Owner - All about the MLS by Owner - Before the MLS by owner, How the MLS by owner works

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Many home buyers and sellers are familiar with the MLS, or multiple listing service, but not everyone may be aware of the MLS by owner. The MLS by owner differs from the other MLS because it includes all of the homes that are for sale by owner. Of course the seller has to know enough to list his house in the MLS by owner, but it offers a great way for home sellers to save a little bit of money by not having a listing agent.

Before the MLS by owner

Traditionally sellers had a much more difficult time selling their homes themselves. Homes that were for sale by owner were not listed in the regular MLS that is used by real estate agents, so they just did not get the traffic that homes with a real estate agent did. However, the internet has now made it possible for anyone who is selling his or her house to list it in the MLS by owner and get more exposure. Real estate agents even search the MLS by owner to find suitable homes for their prospective home buyers because they still get their commission for selling the home, even if no agent is collecting any commission for listing it.

How the MLS by owner works

There are several MLS by owner sites, like MLS4owners.com or ByOwnerMLS.com. Most of these sites work the same way. The home seller lists his house on the MLS by owner, and then anyone who is looking for a home has access to see the information about the house. Sellers can choose how much commission they are willing to pay to the selling agent if the purchaser uses an agent. Common percentages to pay a selling agent are 2 or 3 percent. Home sellers who have a website about their home can even choose to link that website to their MLS by owner listing. Some MLS by owner sites also include an automatic listing on Realtor.com, which is one of the most popular sites for real estate listings. Additionally, many MLS by owner sites also include listings on other popular sites like Trulia.com or Homes.com.

Extra features of the MLS by owner sites

Some sites also have some extra features for home sellers who choose to list on their sites. These features may include printable flyers about the home, which the seller can place outside the home for those who stop by to see it. Also some sites include a “For Sale by Owner” sign and installation of the sign. Home sellers can also get emailed reports of real estate activity in their area so they can stay up to date on the latest prices area homes are selling for.

In many cases, MLS by owner sites give sellers the same tools real estate agents have when they are trying to sell a home. This means the home has a much greater chance to sell.

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