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Fafsa Edu Gov - Important Information about FAFSA.edu.gov - Dependency status, Other steps to take before filling out the FAFSA

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FAFSA.edu.gov actually redirects to FAFSA.ed.gov, which is the government’s main website for students who are looking for financial aid for college. All college students should fill out the FAFSA, or Free Application for Federal Student Aid, even if they do not think they will qualify for financial aid because it is the only way to be eligible for any grant money. Sometimes students may be eligible for federal aid and not even know it. There are several steps to filling out a FAFSA, and FAFSA.edu.gov sets forth the entire process in several steps.

Dependency status

According to FAFSA.edu.gov, the first step is to determine the student’s dependency status. The website has a complete online worksheet for students to figure out what their dependency status is. This step is very important because it is one of the major factors the government uses when determining who is eligible for financial aid. Students who are dependents of parents who make too much money to qualify for aid will not receive any education grants, while students who are older or completely on their own will likely qualify for aid.

Other steps to take before filling out the FAFSA

FAFSA.edu.gov will also help students with the other steps that are necessary before they can actually fill out the FAFSA. Students and parents will have to apply for a FAFSA PIN number, which allows them to track any aid they are eligible for. Students should also look up the school codes for the colleges they are interested in attending because those codes will be needed for the actual FAFSA.

Filling out the FAFSA

After the government has assigned a PIN for the student, he can then log into the site and fill out the FAFSA. The form must be filled out completely, although students do not have to complete it in just one sitting. The FAFSA can be saved in the system, and the student can log in later to complete it. In some cases, the government may require additional information, so the FAFSA may be sent back to the student to so she can fill out a section more completely. If this happens, the student just has to log into FAFSA.edu.gov and complete the information that needs to be corrected.

After the FAFSA is processed

After filling out the form on FAFSA.edu.gov, the student should then be sure to monitor his status. If the government needs more information to process the application, then the student should be ready to supply it. Also students may sometimes find the need to make corrections to an application that has already been processed. Students may also want to add or delete school codes as their interest in various colleges changes. After the FAFSA is processed, students will also be able to print their student aid report, which shows how much aid the students were eligible for, what kind of aid it is, and how much of each kind they used. The different kinds of federal aid that are available include grants and subsidized loans.

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over 6 years ago

I was directed to this site to obtain codes, etc. for my daughters scool so I could fle a form to withdraw funs from a NYS 529 form. Where can I access this ifo?