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Cheap Flights In Europe - How to Get Cheap Flights in Europe - Tactics for Finding Cheap Europe Flights

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Finding a cheap flight in Europe is really no different than getting a cheap flight in the U.S. Most of the same tactics work on a worldwide basis. A few tweaks and tips about getting cheap Europe airfare can still be helpful for maximizing savings. In addition, some specific airlines have a history of offering cheap travel in Europe.

Tactics for Finding Cheap Europe Flights

Consolidator Agencies – Airline consolidators operate as ticket wholesalers. They buy blocks of seats on various flights at a deeply discounted cost and pass the savings on to their customers. The problem with using a consolidator is that they are notoriously difficult to find and deal with unless you are a licensed travel agent. If you find a consolidator that will deal directly with you, consider yourself lucky. Otherwise, it is still a good idea to ask a travel agent about what is available.

Student Travel – Many airlines offer student discounts to Europe. A cheap flight is usually not difficult to find for current students. If a particular airline does not offer a student discount, you can still look for a student travel agency. They sometimes offer student discounts over and above what is given by the airlines.

Charter Aircraft – Cheap airfare to Europe can sometimes be found on charter aircraft, as opposed to commercial flights. The problem with charter flights is that they are under no obligation to carry through with the flight. It can be canceled at any time for any reason.

Courier Travel – In the past, many companies offered highly discounted or free tickets to Europe in exchange for your luggage space. Recently, these companies have either disappeared or started charging higher fees. Do not bother looking for them. It will be a waste of your time.

Travel to Europe Cheap on Low-cost Airlines

Cheap Europe travel does not always require special tactics. Sometimes it is just a matter of choosing the right airline. Several European airlines offer regular discounted flights through Europe. The number of these airlines is actually growing, so the list here may not include some of the newer ones. Some of these airlines only sell tickets online or over the phone. Others will have walk-in offices or ticket counters, but they are in Europe.

Here are some of the top airlines in Europe for a cheap flight:

AirBaltic – This airline is based in Riga, Latvia but flies to over 50 airports around Europe.

Air Berlin – This company flies from Germany to 135 airports in Europe and northern Africa.

Air Italy – Air Italy offers discount flights within Italy.

Belle Air – This is an Albanian company that flies to 25 airports, including Belgium, Germany, Italy, and Switzerland.

Blue Air – Blue Air is a Romanian airline that flies to over 30 airports in Europe.

Bmibaby – This is a British airline that offers cheap flights throughout the U.K.

Brussels Airlines – This airline offers flights to and from Brussels, Belgium to over 50 European airports.

Condor – This is a German airline that travels to destinations inside and outside Europe.

Easyjet – This discount airline has been operating seemingly forever. They have long-established routes to and from 102 European destinations.

Iceland Express – Iceland Express offers flights from Reykjavic to 27 airports in Europe.

Meridiana – This Italian airline flies throughout the country and to European destinations outside Italy.

Monarch – This British airline specializes in trips to Spain, Portugal, and the Canary Islands.

Norwegian Air – This is a large airline based in Norway and Sweden. It offers cheap European flights to over 90 airports.

Vueling – This is a Spanish-based airline that flies between popular cities in Spain to some of the most popular cities in the rest of Europe.

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