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Pacific Beach Hotels - Pacific Beach Hotels - High-End Pacific Beach Hotels, Mid-Range Pacific Beach Hotels

Hotels in Pacific Beach, San Diego

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Pacific Beach is a well-known neighborhood in San Diego, California. It is bordered by the Pacific Ocean on the west, I-5 on the east, Mission Bay on the south, and La Jolla to the north. Along with the beach itself, the area is known for its nightlife and restaurants, making it a popular destination for visitors. While most of the hotels in Pacific Beach are four stars or above, there are several options for those looking for Pacific Beach hotels. The area, known as “P.B.” to locals, also has a number of retail stores and clothing boutiques. Although in the past most of the locals have been younger people and college students, real estate prices in the area have been on the rise, bringing in a number of older and wealthier residents.

The most expensive time to visit Pacific Beach is June through September. Also, many hotels are full during these months, so if you are visiting during the summer, it is important to make a reservation because the hotels often fill up early. Also, the more expensive hotels are generally closer to the beach, so if you are looking for a discount, then it is best to look for a hotel several blocks from the beach.

The beach itself is manned by a lifeguard from 9 am until dusk in the summer months. After dark, the beach has a reputation for being somewhat rowdy and, at time, dangerous.

High-End Pacific Beach Hotels

For those looking for a luxury or high-end resort in Pacific Beach, many options are available. The Catamaran Resort, the Pacific Terrace Hotel, and the The Crystal Pier Hotel are probably the premier resorts in Pacific Beach. The Crystal Pier is probably the closest hotel to the beach of these three. However, many other higher end hotels are available close to the beach.

Mid-Range Pacific Beach Hotels

Although still somewhat more expensive, the Best Western Blue Sea Lodge is right on the beach on the south side of the Pacific Beach neighborhood. Another good option is the The Mission Bay Hotel. If your travel dates are flexible or you plan on visiting during the fall or winter months, it is possible to find deals on Pacific Beach hotels.

Pacific Beach Vacation Rentals

The best way to find deals on Pacific Beach hotels or lodging might be to look for a private rental. Companies like Penny Reality work with property owners to provide rental options. Also, rentals are available on Craigslist San Diego. However, as is always the case with Craigslist, you need to be careful to avoid scams by carefully checking and running internet searches on the properties and companies you are looking into.

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