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Printer Power Cord - All About Your Printer Power Cord - Troubleshooting the Printer Power Cord

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The printer power cord is an important element for your printer to operate. A missing, faulty, damaged, or incorrect power cord can cause a multitude of problems. Some of these problems include the printer not operating, the printer operating sporadically, permanent damage to the printer, or even electrical fires.

The most important aspect of a printer power cord to understand is that not all printer power cords are the same. The power cord from one printer may not work with another. There are two basic types of printer power cord. The first type uses an external transformer. At one time, the external converter was usually attached to the plug end of the power cord, making you plug a large block directly into your electrical outlet. Today, most printer power cords with external transformers use a large, plastic block in the middle of the cord. The end that plugs into the outlet is usually detachable from the transformer block. The second type of printer power cord has no transformer block. These are made for printers that have internalized all of the electricity-processing elements. You can never switch between the two types of cords.

Troubleshooting the Printer Power Cord

Whenever you have a problem with your printer operations, chances are good that it may only be a problem with the printer power cord. This is especially true when the problem is that the printer will not turn on or if it turns on or off by itself or when nudged. The easiest solution to this problem is to buy a new printer power cord. To make sure you are buying the right one, it is recommended to buy a replacement directly from the manufacturer of your printer. You will need to know the exact model of your printer. This is usually on a sticker or plate on the bottom of the printer. If you need help buying a replacement printer cord, give the manufacturer a call. They will be happy to sell you a new printer power cord.

The only problem with buying a printer power cord from the manufacturer is that this is usually the most expensive option. You can find a cheaper compatible printer power cord through any number of online computer parts specialists. These online stores do not always use the same cord that is provided by the manufacturer. They often use compatible cords made by third-party companies usually located in China or Taiwan. These cords are not always of the same quality, but this does not necessarily mean they are worse. Some printer models are notorious for having bad power cords that wear out quickly or have other problems. Some printers have been shipped with such bad printer power cords that the manufacturer had to issue nationwide recalls because they were causing fires. Hewlett Packard has issued several recalls for their printer power cords and laptop cords throughout the past decade.

Using a Printer Power Cord in Another Country

If you are taking your printer to another country, you may need to purchase a new printer power cord. In some cases, your printer will not be compatible at all outside the United States. This is because the U.S. uses 110-volt electricity, while the rest of the world uses 220-volts. Most printer power cords with an outside transformer are made to accept a range of volts that encompasses both ranges. The range of volts accepted will either be imprinted directly into the plastic of the block or it will be on a sticker. If not, check the owner’s manual for details. With some printers, all you have to do is buy a new printer power cord designed for the country you are going to. With other printers, the cord will work fine, but an adapter will be required because the prongs are different in other countries.

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