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Cheap Ibiza Holidays - Planning for Cheap Ibiza Holidays - Preparation: Travel and Lodging, Upon Arrival

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The riotous nightlife and beautiful countryside of Ibiza is a draw to tourists the world over. Five star hotels and a massive club scene take their toll on the pocketbook, but careful visitors can enjoy cheap Ibiza holidays by planning their trip well in advance and knowing where to go once they arrive.

Preparation: Travel and Lodging

Lodging and travel expenses can be drastically reduced by traveling to Ibiza during the island’s off-season. As a popular destination for college-age partiers, Ibiza’s tourist population swells in time to school breaks. Summer sees Ibiza at its peak, followed by spring breaks and winter vacations. The off-season includes late May, early June, and all of September and October.

Once travel dates have been chosen, travelers should start booking. Many lodgings, such as Apartamentos Playa Sol II, offer as much as a 20% discount for early bookings. Hotels will also offer group deals, so networking with fellow travelers can help secure a competitive group rate rather than missing deals by handling lodging separately.

Though Ibiza sports many high quality hotels, money-conscious travelers tend to stay at one of the city’s many hostels and discount hotels. Generally populated by young partiers, these lodgings can get quite rowdy in their own regard, and some crowds can trash an otherwise pleasant hostel rather quickly.

Cheap lodging in Ibiza range from a decent, single room for €45.00 (USD 59.50) at the Hostal Parque to the dirt cheap €11.67 (USD 15.40) at places like the Hotel Maritomo.

Lastly, if plans include the clubbing scene, club tickets can be purchased in advance as well. Sites like Club Tickets can provide less expensive advance tickets than can be purchased at the door, trimming a few more dollars from the overall budget.

Upon Arrival

Taxis in Ibiza cost about €13 (USD $17). Reasonable but not cheap, taxis are best ridden as part of a car-pool while traveling to and from major destinations with a travel group.
Throughout the day, the bus—which costs no more than €2.70 (USD 3.50)—is the most price-conscious vehicle for getting around. The bus runs throughout all the main areas of the city, and a bus stop is almost always within walking distance.

Food will be expensive in most parts of Ibiza. Hitting the markets and stocking up on some basic food and drink can help trim day-to-day expenses.

For alcohol, a large number of tourists go to Ibiza for the ritzy club scene, but the conservative ones will “pre-game” either at their place of lodging or one of the many cheaper bars always near the city’s hotspots.

Hotel Maritomo
+34 971 30 27 08

Hostal Parque
+34 971 30 13 58

Apartamentos Playa Sol II
+34 971 39 31 75

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