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Day Spa San Diego - Finding the Top Day Spa in San Diego - Best Pre-Flight Checklist, Best Customer Favorite, Best Pamper for Men

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If you have ever tried to look for a day spa in San Diego before, chances are you noticed very quickly that there are dozens, even hundreds of different day spa choices in the area. A newcomer can be quickly overwhelmed by the sheer number of them, but this guide will show you the top picks out of all the day spas. We base our reviews on price, atmosphere, customer reviews, and more.

Best Pre-Flight Checklist

Hyde Edwards Salon & Spa
Hyde Edwards is conveniently located just outside of San Diego International Airport, making it a great place to go into deep relaxation before a long flight. Even some layover stops in San Diego from other towns could snatch enough time to run out for a massage – just what you need when you have been dealing with flying in coach all day! They offer full salon services including waxing, nails, hair, and makeup, and of course you can get a variety of massages by trained professionals. Hyde Edwards also has a large variety of soothing facial treatments, lasting anywhere from 30 minutes to a full 90 minutes. For the full pamper, go with the 90 minute “Nirvana Facial” to enjoy deep pore steam clean, hydration masques, face, hand, shoulder and arm massages, and a champagne mimosa foot treatment.

Best Customer Favorite

Vasseur Day Spa
Located in north San Diego just off of I-5 sits the Vasseur Day Spa, which gets consistently impeccable customer reviews. They offer an incredibly wide variety of treatments. Here you can find medical services like botox, chemical peel, and laser hair removal. Spa services include massage (of course), facials, acupuncture, teeth whitening, and even the “hand spa” to keep your hands’ skin looking supple and young. Look for some of their great value packages like the “Put Your Best Face Forward” deal, which includes discounts on hydrating facials and photo-thermo treatments that you receive throughout the year at a low, flat-rate price. Customers rave about the warm, welcoming staff that always put them at ease, as well as the comprehensive quality of the treatments. According to devoted customers, the anti-acne treatments there are truly revolutionary, healing long-time problems with visible results in no time. Check them out if you want to be their newest devoted fan.

Best Pamper for Men

Well~Heeled Salon & Spa
Tucked away at 350 10th Avenue, the Well-Heeled Salon & Spa flies under the radar… probably on purpose. In the age of internet communication, this Euro-macho salon does not even have a web site to speak of! But what it does have is plenty of impressed customers who write to everyone they know about this place! The interior design was done by Porsche, so this place is full of “refined masculine energy”. Don’t worry, though, girls – females are more than welcome here! Girls love this place for buying fancy gifts for the guys in their lives, and they can even stick around to get custom pedicures and manicures done. Well~Heeled is great at guy’s style, and big on customer service. If you need something, do not be afraid to ask, because they will not hesitate to do whatever it takes to make you happy. You can find massages, great guy’s haircuts, facials, and all the services you would expect from a top spa.

Best VIP Treatment

The Sanctuary
The Sanctuary provides a clean atmosphere with high-quality organic products that will always leave you feeling great. But the best part about it is this: when you make an appointment (and you do have to make an appointment!), you can rest assured that you will have the entire place to yourself for the duration of your reservation. They only focus on one person at a time to give them the full spa experience, and to make them walk out feeling like a rock-star. Beware – once you receive this kind of super-tailored treatment, you may never be able to go back to a normal spa!

We hope you have enjoyed this guide to top picks in San Diego day spas. Try one of these spas out to bring your pampering to a whole new level!

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