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Bed Bath And Beyone - Bed Bath and Beyone! Everything You Didn't Know About BBB.com - Product Guides, BBB-tube, Bed Bath and Beyond Careers

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First things first, the title of this article is an obvious misspelling, but we decided to use it to grab people’s attention. Other popular versions include Bed Bath and Beyong, Bed Bath and Beyound, Bread Bath and Beyond… but you get the idea. This quick guide is designed to give you a tour of some lesser-known features of Bed Bath and Beyond’s internet site. But be warned – after looking at these hidden gems, you may find yourself glued to the computer for much longer than you expected!

Product Guides

People often do not realize that there is a bounteous wealth of handy product information on Bed Bath’s Product Guide page. Look for handy hints on cookware, water filtration systems, beauty products, and all things baby. You can gather all kinds of helpful hints that will enable you to shop with confidence instead of spending hours wandering around the store. This is a very underutilized but powerful section – if you need to buy something for the house that you are not exactly an expert on, you need to check it out before you go! Chances are there will be an article related to the product you are looking for, and you will be glad you did your homework.


Bed Bath and Beyond’s startlingly large archive of how-to videos achieves the next level of cool product demonstrations. You can find them here on their video guide page. There are a ton of interesting kitchen gadget demonstrations, plus a good variety of non-kitchen stuff like vacuum cleaners and bathroom accessories. The cool part is, these videos are not hyped up like normal commercials (or worse yet, infomercials!) They are just straightforward product demonstrations.

Bed Bath and Beyond Careers

If you want to see what jobs are open at Bed Bath and Beyond, just check out their careers page. You get a great in-store discount, which is very helpful for those with big home-refurnishing dreams. The pay is competitive, and generous benefits are available to full-time workers. You can use their career finder page to look up everything from executive level positions to a job at a local retail store. You never know, there might be openings right now in your own home town!

Corporate/High-End Gifts

Little do most people know that BBB has a page devoted exclusively to corporate gifts. Corporate gifts for executives can be some of the snazziest, high-quality items available, and they can make great gifts for your friends and family. They are unique, customized, and classy. Why should corporate employees get all the good stuff? Check out this section to get some great ideas for the next birthday or holiday coming up on your list.

That’s it for this guide to the little-known tools and tricks on BedBathandBeyond.com. Thanks for reading, we hope you enjoyed this fresh look at the long-time housewares giant.

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