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Contact Lens Discount - Find the Best Contact Lens Discount

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It is always good to shop around, and contact lenses are one of those periodically bought items than you can shave a few dollars off on. If you can only save four dollars per week for fifty-two weeks, that’s $208 per year.

More than that can be saved if one buys in bulk. Savings for a bulk of eight boxes on, say 1-2 week disposables, are typically around the cost of one box. That’s seven boxes, or between 4 and 8 free boxes per year.

If you do decide to buy in bulk, typically you should look for the best online store for your contacts. Before doing so, make sure your prescription is up to date and have your vision center or doctor’s name and number handy. You will also need the brand name of your previous lenses. If you wish to choose another brand, it is best to check with your vision doctor.

In placing an order online, you will also need your prescription information. Basic information includes which eye the lens is for (OD for right eye and OS for left), the Basic Curve (BC) for the particular eye, the Diameter (Dia), and an additional number called the Power. Basic Curve values range from about 8.0 to 9.5. Just because you have a certain Basic Curve in one brand, does not mean you will have the same value in another. Your doctor will fit you with what is most appropriate. If your prescription did not come with a BC value, then your brand probably comes in only one Base Curve.

Toric lenses, or lenses for the correction of an astigmatism, will contain two additional numbers you will need. These are the cylinder and the axis numbers. Often these are listed in a row right next to each other on your box.

It is important to note that the power of a contact lens prescription is, in general, not the same as your eyeglass prescription. This is true for a few reasons. For one, the contact lens is positioned closer to the surface of your eye, whereas your glasses are positioned around 12 mm in front of your eye. Also, a doctor will often try to partially correct for any astigmatism you might have by changing the power of your lens.

As with any online orders, it is important to make sure the part in which you make your payment is secured. Paypal is one way to purchase securely. Otherwise, see that the website states it is secured (i.e. by Verisign). An “https” instead of “http” before the url of your website will usually signify that it is secured.

Be careful to read the details of any discount or rebate given online. After purchasing your contact lens, a rebate may be offered, but it may ask your membership in various shopping programs, etc. So, it is important to read the fine print.

Some vision centers offer contacts online as well, although if you are shopping for discounts you can typically find them at some of the companies specialized in just contact lenses.

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