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Portland Oregon Houses - Portland Oregon Houses - Prices of Portland, Oregon Houses, Major Areas in Portland, Oregon

Real Estate in Portland Oregon

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In a city known for its stunning views and abundant natural resources, Portland, Oregon is a popular destination for visitors. It is not uncommon for visitors to the city to begin looking for houses in Portland, Oregon. Residents of the “Rose City” can enjoy all of the city’s charms all year around. Although, like the rest of the nation, housing prices in Portland, Oregon have fallen over the last several years, the demand for and price of Portland, Oregon houses has not fallen as steeply as many other locations.

Prices of Portland, Oregon Houses

In August 2010, the median price of houses in Portland, Oregon was $265,000. This was down from $343,000 in August 2007. While this is a significant dip in housing price in Portland, the drop has not been as severe as many places in the country.

Major Areas in Portland, Oregon

I-5 runs north and south through Portland. The communities on the west side of the city expanded rapidly in the 1980s and 90s, so there are a large number of townhouses, condominiums, and newer single family homes. The homes on the east side of the city, especially those closer to downtown, are typically older. Southeast Portland, however, has many large (and expensive) homes. Housing values have fallen more on the east side of the city than on the west side.

Finding a House in Portland, Oregon

When looking for a house in Portland, Oregon, you need to consider what part of the city you will live in. For residents who are already in the city, this should present little problem. For those moving to Portland from out of town, however, it is important to take the time to research, and, as much as possible, visit different areas of the city. Figure out where you will work, what features you want, and which of Portland’s many parks and outdoor activities you want to be close to.

While it is easy to search well-known sites like Realtor.com, it is also important to find a real estate agent on the ground in Portland who knows the area well and who can help you find both the area and the home that is best for your particular situation. Before consulting a real estate agent, it is important to know what your income will be so that you can know how high of a mortgage you can take on. It is also important to know exactly what features you are looking for in a house. Since it is a buyer’s market, those who are looking for a house will have more options than they might have in years past.

Current residents of Portland who are in danger of losing their home or who are having trouble finding a home because of hardship should consult the Housing Authority of Portland. General information about the Portland area and different housing options can also be found at the Housing Authority’s site.

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