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Rental Car Coupon - Rental Car Coupon - Rental Car Discount, Rental Car Coupons and Coupon Codes

Best Rental Car Deals and Coupons

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With the difficult economy and increasing prices for airline tickets and other vacations, both business and pleasure travelers are often looking for any discount they can find. Travelers spend hours looking for the best deal on flights and hotels, but one way that savvy travelers might be able to save extra money is with a rental car coupon. Discount rental car coupons can be found in a variety of places and rental car coupon codes are often available online.

Rental Car Discount

Like many companies, most rental car companies have loyalty programs. Most loyalty programs offer discounts in the range of 5 to 20% for members. Although some programs, such as Hertz’s #1 Club Gold, charge an annual fee, many have free memberships but still offer regular discounts. Also, loyalty members can often skip lines and enjoy other perks. However, to cash in on loyalty programs, travelers need to make reservations through the rental car company itself, and this can sometimes be more expensive than a travel website like Priceline.com and other similar sites.

Rental Car Coupons and Coupon Codes

Travel websites are usually the best place to start looking for rental car discounts. Rental car companies often release a certain percentage of their cars to these companies at a discount rate (just as hotels and sometimes airlines also do). Especially when packaged with a hotel or flight, rental cars on these websites can sometimes come very cheaply.

Several websites consolidate and list current rental car coupon codes. While these sites sometimes list out of date codes, quite often discount codes for use on the rental car company’s website are available.
Sites like RetailMeNot.com gather both rental car coupon codes and travel site details in one convenient place.

Another site that offers rental car coupons and up-to-date rental car discount information is Rental Car Momma. At this site, you can find the best rental car discounts according to both company and region.

Rental cars can sometimes be expensive, but by planning ahead and carefully applying some of these strategies, a cheaper rental car rate can help lighten the load on that family vacation or score you some extra points with the boss by reducing the cost of your next business trip.

Other Strategies for Saving Money on Rental Cars

In addition to loyalty programs and online coupon codes, there are a couple other strategies that experienced travelers have learned when looking for rental car discounts. First, rental car companies stock very few compact cars. Depending on the day you arrive, they might not have any on hand. If this is the case and you have reserved a compact, then they are obligated to give you a complementary upgrade. If you want a midsize car and they still have the compact you reserved on hand, then you can usually just upgrade on the spot.

If you plan on having a car for three or four days, it might be cheaper to keep it for five days if there is a weekly rate. Sometime circumstances are unavoidable and you need to return a car at a certain time, but as with most traveling expenses, flexibility is often a great way to save money on rental cars. Most companies have a weekly rate that reduces the per day price by $20 per day or more.

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