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Schools For Nursing - Choosing Schools for Nursing - Basic Education at Schools for Nursing

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For several years nursing has been among the fastest growing of all professions. In 2008, there were already 2.6 million filled nursing positions, and new positions are expected to open at a rate of 22%. This means by 2018, over 580,000 new nursing jobs will have opened in addition to the 2.6 million that already exist. For this reason, many students out of high school go directly into schools for nursing. There are many different schools for nursing available for new students. Not all of these schools are equal. Some have better programs than others. In addition, not all nursing schools are right for each individual student. Nursing has several levels dependent on education and also several specialties. Not every nursing school will have programs for each level and each specialty.

Basic Education at Schools for Nursing

Nursing schools teach nurses the basic skills needed for their profession and specialty. Generally, it is the job of a nurse to use their training, skills, and experience to the benefit of their patients, allowing them to live as healthy and as long as possible. Basic tasks include taking temperatures, monitoring blood pressure and heart activity, recording patient information and updating charts, and seeing after the day-to-day needs of the patients. Other skills taught in nursing schools include the following:

• Patient comfort
• Physical examinations
• Taking blood and injecting medications
• Communicating with patients

Requirements for admittance to Schools for Nursing

The biggest requirement for attending nursing schools is to have a high school diploma or GED. Each specific school and program will have other requirements that may differ from each other. Some nursing schools make all prospective students pass an examination to determine basic skills in English, reading comprehension, and mathematics. This test may be an in-house test or a standardized test created by the National League for Nursing (NLN). Some nursing schools will have minimum GPA requirements. Some nursing schools also give prospective students psychological tests or evaluate their personality.

Programs Available at Schools for Nursing

There are several course tracks available for students who wish to work in the field of nursing. These course tracks range from one to six years in length. As a general rule, the programs that require more school will lead to opportunities with greater pay. Here are the programs that may be available at nursing schools:

Licensed Practical Nurse

A licensed practical nurse (LPN) is an entry-level nurse that does basic patient-care. This program only takes one year to complete. After finishing school and passing the state nursing test, the student is allowed to accept employment. Additionally, the student can return to schools for nursing to continue on a more advanced path that will lead to becoming licensed as a registered nurse (RN).

Associates Degree in Nursing

The Associates Degree in Nursing (ADN) is the basic level for becoming a registered nurse. This course of study takes two years to complete. It is offered by many community colleges, but may also be available at some universities and private hospital nursing schools. After passing the state boards, the student can begin working as an RN or can go back to pursue a higher level of education or a nursing specialty.

Bachelor of Science in Nursing

The BSN program involves four years of study. Nursing schools offering the BSN program are usually large colleges and universities. Graduates of the BSN program will have a wide range of opportunities available to them, including entry-level administrative positions, supervisory positions, and high-paying specialties.

Master of Science in Nursing

The MSN program is a six-year program offered by graduate schools. Graduates of this program have reached the peak of education provided by schools for nursing. The widest range of opportunities is available for graduates, including top-level administrative positions and delicate specialist positions.

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