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Sun City Az Homes - Finding Sun City, AZ Homes for Sale

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Sun City is a small, unincorporated community in Arizona. It is in Maricopa County and is a suburb of Phoenix located about 17 miles to the northwest. As of 2000, the population of Sun City was 38,309. The city was started in the 1960s with the construction of a retirement community by the Del Webb Corporation. The new community was built on the site of an old ghost town called Marinette that was abandoned less than ten years earlier. Very little has changed in the community since it was formed almost 50 years ago. It remains primarily as a retirement community. The biggest change is that it has steadily grown in size over the years.

There are 23,490 households in the city occupying a total of 27,731 housing units. There are usually 500 to 600 Sun City, AZ homes for sale on the market at all times. The median price of homes for sale is $119,000. There are also 300 foreclosures listed that sell for the same median price as homes being sold by the owners. Sun City, AZ homes are being constructed from time-to-time, and these homes are much pricier than existing homes. New homes can sell for more than $100,000 more than existing homes. Including all homes for sale, the average price per square foot is $74. Sun City was greatly affected by the U.S. housing crises in 2006. Since that time, median home prices have fallen from a high of $191,000. The area has yet to recover and prices continue to fall. Sun City, AZ homes are is a strong buyer’s market for the time being.

Sun City, AZ homes are available in many styles. Some of the types of homes available include the following:

• Single-family houses
• Town homes
• Apartment-style condominiums
• Patio homes
• Gated communities
• Country club communities

It must be stressed that Sun City, AZ is strictly a retirement community. Homes for families are either not available or are extremely limited. Some current demographics can help to put the community into perspective:

• 79.8 % of the population is age 65 or older.
• 17.5% of the population is aged 45 to 64.
• Only 2.7% of the population is under 45.
• Only 0.3% of households have children under 18.
• 49.5% of households are married couples while 44.1% are individuals living alone.
• The median age is 75.
• The median household income is $32,508.
• 1.56% of residents are of ethnicities other than white.

Sun City is a planned community that has run smoothly since its inception. Many Sun City, AZ homes are located on man-made lakes, well-manicured gardens, or country clubs. The entire city has the air of being a permanent desert resort. Many residents and owners of homes in Sun City are from northern states, looking to escape the winter cold. Amenities in the city include several golf courses on community country clubs and many shopping centers. Direct rail service is available to downtown Phoenix. The policy force in the city is funded by county taxpayers, and the fire department is funded by the local area assessment district. Other utilities and services, including garbage collection and water are provided by private companies.

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