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Lowriders For Sale - How to Find Lowriders for Sale - What is a Lowrider?, Where to Locate Lowriders for Sale

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No matter what shape the economy is in, car enthusiasts never stop planning their next custom car purchase. Car shows are more popular than ever and not only in the U.S., but all over the world. While many custom car enthusiasts go for the 40s and 50s models, cars from 60s to the present have become just as popular. One style that is still widely sought after is the lowrider. However, many people just starting out on their quest to become a lowrider suffer from a major problem – being able to locate them. By knowing where to look, finding a great selection of lowriders for sale is not difficult. It just takes patience and, sometimes, the willingness to travel.

What is a Lowrider?

The lowrider is a style of custom car that originated in California in the late 1960s. They were first built by the Hispanic community on the coast. Competitions among custom car builders resulted in ever more creative, colorful, and powerful lowriders. From California, the lowrider spread east, but was still mostly confined to Latinos. In the 1980s, lowriders finally began to be admired by enthusiasts of other ethnicities and can be found throughout the world. However, it is still a widely held belief that for a lowrider to be authentic, it must have been designed and built by Latinos.

Any car can be a lowrider. Classic lowriders are typically American automobiles from the 1960s or 1970s. Recently, 1980s vehicles have become a popular decade among lowriders for sale, while some people prefer even later models.

Lowriders are distinguished by their elaborate custom paint and trim jobs. Some lowriders for sale can be rather expensive due to the fact that the trim is done in 24K gold-plating. Some lowriders feature airbrushed murals on the hood or sides of the vehicle.

The feature that gives the lowrider its name is the custom suspension. On lowrider cars, the regular suspension has either been replaced or modified with a hydraulic suspension that makes the frame sit low to the ground. Many enthusiasts seek lowriders for sale that have a user-controlled suspension. This allows the driver to adjust the height of the frame from within the vehicle.

Where to Locate Lowriders for Sale

Lowriders are usually not found in the same manner as standard vehicles. It is rare to find a classified ad in the newspaper for a lowrider. It is difficult to find lowriders for sale unless you are specifically looking for them. There are two ways that most prospective buyers find lowriders for sale: through the internet and at car shows.

Internet – Many people have yet to realize that everything can be found on the internet, including lowriders for sale. There are several specialized lowrider classifieds on the internet and many classic car classifieds have a lowrider section. Even eBay has a large listing of lowriders for sale from around the country. The problem with finding lowriders for sale on the internet is that they are often not anywhere near your location. This leaves you with two choices: buy it sight unseen or take a trip to see it for yourself.

Car Shows – Car shows are a great place to find lowriders for sale. There are big annual lowrider shows in many cities in the U.S. The dates and locations of these shows can be found online at lowrider websites or through monthly lowrider magazines. In addition to the major car shows, there are also smaller shows put on by local lowrider enthusiast clubs. Joining a local chapter of lowrider enthusiasts is a great way to keep in touch with others who share your hobby and to stay in the know about where the latest shows with lowriders for sale will be held.

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