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Canon Rebel Digital Camera - A Review of the Canon Rebel Digital Camera - Megapixels, File sizes, Shutter speed and continuous shooting speed

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The Canon Rebel digital camera is one of the most popular digital SLR cameras. There are three different cameras in the Canon Rebel family. The least expensive is the Rebel XS, which is priced at $550. The next step up is the Rebel XSi, which is priced at $650. The Rebel T1i is priced at $800, and the Rebel T2i is priced at $900. Let’s take a look at the different features of each Canon Rebel digital camera.


The main reason each version of the Canon EOS Rebel digital camera is priced so differently is because of the number of megapixels it uses to create photographs. The Rebel XS uses the smallest amount of megapixels, at ten. On the opposite end of the Cannon Rebel digital camera spectrum is the T2i, which uses 18 megapixels to create images. The more megapixels the camera uses, the better quality the resulting image will be. This is why more megapixels usually means a more expensive camera.

File sizes

Another important consideration when it comes to the Canon Rebel digital camera is file sizes. The average camera user at home may not want to spend the extra money on the expensive T2i camera because the file sizes are much larger. This is because more megapixels also means larger file sizes in terms of how much space the images take up on a computer hard drive. A fine image taken by the T2i camera takes up 6.4 megabytes, while a fine image on the XS takes up only 3.8 megabytes. This difference may not seem like a lot, but it starts to add up when you are talking about hundreds of pictures.

Shutter speed and continuous shooting speed

One other important feature of the Canon Rebel digital camera is the overall speed of the camera. Speed can be measured in two different ways. One is the speed of the shutter while taking pictures, and the other is the speed at which the camera is able to continuously take pictures. The Rebel XS runs at about half the shutter speed of the T2i and the T1i. However, in terms of continuous shooting speed, the field is narrowed among the cameras a bit because the Rebel XS can take about three shots per second, while the expensive T2i can take 3.7 shots per second.

Canon Rebel digital camera lenses

The good thing about each version of the Canon Rebel digital camera is the fact that they all can use the same lenses. All four types of the Canon Rebel use the Canon EF lenses, so anyone who loves their Canon Rebel and is looking for an upgrade will not have to purchase new lenses if they want to upgrade to the next Rebel camera. Also, the mounting capabilities for each Canon Rebel are the same, so the same EF tripod can be used for all four Rebels.

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