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Free Credit Card Number - A Free Credit Card Number for Testing Purposes - Anatomy of a free credit card number

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Setting up a new business is a big job, and sometimes it is necessary to find a free credit card number that can be used to test a new credit card system. Free credit card numbers are not meant to be fraudulent numbers. Instead, they are provided for the purpose of merchants who need to test their credit card systems. Some people seem to think that a free credit card number is just a ticket to commit credit card fraud on the internet, but testing is a valid use for a free credit card number generator. In order to understand how a free credit card number generator works, it is important to understand the numbers of a credit card.

Anatomy of a free credit card number

All credit card numbers hold the same number of digits, and each set of digits signifies a different thing. The first six digits show which business issued the card. The following nine digits of the credit card number are the actual account number of the credit card, and the last digit of the card is known as the checksum, which is based on an algorithm of the issuer number.

What makes a free credit card number available for testing

There are a couple of reasons people use a free credit card number to test their systems. The first reason is to check the algorithm of the credit card machine. A credit card machine that is working correctly will be able to analyze a credit card number and see if it is valid by running the appropriate algorithm. A free credit card number will pass this check because it does use the algorithm all credit card companies use when generating credit card numbers. However, one thing that a free credit card number does not do is actually let someone charge money to the card.

Free credit card numbers have been set up for the purpose of merchants to check their credit card systems, so the bank will automatically reject a free credit card number that is entered into the system. However, since the card number was generated using the actual algorithm used by credit card companies to determine what the card number should be, it looks like a valid card number to the credit card system that is working properly. The credit card companies simply set up a free credit card number that they know is bogus so that merchants can run checks on their credit card machines to make sure that they will pick up invalid card numbers before any transaction is processed.

Of course one thing that should be noted here is that we have not discussed the actual algorithm used by credit card companies to determine what a valid credit card number is. The reason for this is because several major credit card companies have requested that this algorithm be removed from several other websites due to the sensitivity of the information and the fact that some people try to use it to commit credit card fraud.

The best bet when needing a free credit card number for testing purposes is to use a number generator like the one offered by the FYICenter.

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