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Send Fax Email - Sending Faxes by Email - Free Sites for Sending Faxes by Email

Online Options for Faxes

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While many individuals and businesses no longer use fax machines, there are still times when a fax is the best way to send a document. Those businesses and individuals who do not own a fax machine but have a need to send faxes have several options for sending faxes by email.

In order to send a fax by email or online, you typically need to have a document in either Microsoft Word (.doc or .docx) or .pdf format. After uploading a document to a website, you will need to enter the fax number that you want your document sent to. You will then typically receive an email confirmation and sometimes a copy of the fax that was sent.

Free Sites for Sending Faxes by Email

While most online and email-based fax services have a service fee, there are a few sites that offer free fax services. Some of the free services, however, are either less reliable than the pay services or have limits on page numbers and services. For the most part however, those who are looking for basic fax services can use services like ScanR.com or PamFax.com.

Pay Sites for Sending and Receiving Faxes by Email

For those who plan to send and receive faxes via email on a regular basis, there are several sites that offer fax services for a reasonable monthly fee. Some of these sites include efax.com.com and MetroFax.com. These sites have different levels of rate plans for both individuals and businesses. They allow you to send faxes and also assign you a fax number so that you can receive faxes. When faxes are sent to that number, they will then be sent to you via email. Often, these sites offer two week or one month free trials that give users the opportunity to try the service out before paying the monthly fee. A list and brief description of other online fax services can be found at Savetz.com.

Microsoft Fax and Windows Scan and Fax

PC users who have Windows XP and above have the option of sending faxes with a Windows application. While this application operates much like the online fax services, it requires the installation of a fax modem to communicate directly with fax machines. For those who do not have a fax modem, there are several other downloadable fax applications for both Windows and Mac users. One of the better Windows fax applications is Fax Machine. Costing about $40, this application allows you to both send and receive faxes.

Mac users can also easily send faxes from their computers. For those who have a fax modem, there is an option to send any document as a .pdf fax. Under the file menu, select print, and then .pdf. This will bring up the option to fax the .pdf. If a fax modem is installed, then you simply need to follow the instructions and send the fax. Programs like Page Sender operate like Fax Machine for Windows and can both send and receive faxes.

In short, with the right knowledge and equipment, it is hardly necessary to own a fax machine any more. It is fairly easy to send and receive faxes through both Windows and Mac computers.

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