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Business Service Voip - Benefits of Business VoIP Service - What is Business VoIP Service?, Benefits of Business VoIP Service

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One of the major trends in business telecommunications is the move away from traditional phone systems offered by the local telephone company. In the place of the traditional system, businesses are instead making the switch to internet communications services. Known as Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP for short, this system has been available for several years but has been avoided due to a range of known issues. Today, VoIP technology has improved to levels that equal or surpass standard telephone service while offering several new features.

What is Business VoIP Service?

VoIP uses a business’ existing local area network (LAN) and their internet connection to provide voice communications instead of a completely separate telephone network that connects directly to the phone line grid. By using the business’ data network, communications processes are streamlined into one network for increased efficiency and productivity.

VoIP systems work in one of several ways, with each having its own hardware requirements. Some forms of VoIP service rely on computer to computer connections using headsets or speaker/microphone combinations. Another type uses a computer to connect to the public phone system and from there, to another computer or any regular phone. These types of services may use headsets or specialized handsets that attach to the computer via USB ports. The type used most often for business VoIP service bypasses computers altogether and uses a switching box connected to the internal phone line network. This way, regular telephones can be used through the regular phone jacks.

Benefits of Business VoIP Service

Because the technology used for business VoIP service has improved immensely over the past fifteen years, most of the disadvantages have been weeded out, leaving only a robust, high-quality voice communications platform rich in features. Some of the benefits of business VoIP service include the following:

Sound Quality – In the old days, both parties had to be connected to a computer. The sound cracked and cut-off at the most inopportune times, making conversation nearly impossible. Today, the sound quality of many systems is clearer than that of standard phone service.

Reduced Cost – We all know that the bottom-line is perhaps the most important aspect of a business. VoIP has proven to reduce overall costs. Because VoIP companies are looking to take their customers from the telephone companies, one way to do so is to undercut the competition. Monthly costs and per-call costs are lower than with telephone service. In addition, existing IT personnel can oversee the VoIP network, so there is no longer a need to bring in telephone company specialists to fix problems or maintain the system.

Portability – VoIP systems are not anchored to a specific location. A VoIP service can be used by employees who frequently travel from any location. Calls can be routed through a laptop or incoming calls can be forwarded to a mobile device so clients, customers, and offices do not have to remember two separate numbers. One business number goes wherever the employee does.

E-mail Voicemail – Business VoIP service can transcribe voicemail messages and send them to an email account. This saves time by not having to go through the lengthy voicemail retrieval process.

Virtual Faxing – Business VoIP service can be used to send and receive faxes through a virtual computer system. Outgoing documents are scanned into the system and incoming documents arrive as PDF or Doc files.

Integration – VoIP technology can be fully integrated into important business software, such as customer management software, helpdesk software, and even the ubiquitous Microsoft Outlook. Calls can be made by clicking phone number links on a computer screen, and incoming calls can be screened with an onscreen caller ID.

Many business VoIP services offer many more features and new features are being added all the time. It is predicted that soon, VoIP service users will outnumber those who are not using it.

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almost 4 years ago

A business VOIP phone system can reduce your monthly phone bill tremendously compared to a traditional business phone system. A business VOIP solution can be a hosted PBX system, as well as an on-premise PBX solution. Below are sponsored listings of business VOIP providers in a comparison table.