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Computer Science Salary - Computer Science Salary Lands on List of Highest Paying Bachelor’s Degrees - Interesting facts about a computer science salary

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Most people know that engineering degrees and related fields make up the top 10 highest paying bachelor’s degrees, although not everyone realizes that a computer science salary is number four on that list for 2010. That ranking is according to statistics from the National Association of Colleges and Employers. The statistics show that the average starting computer science salary for a 2010 college graduate with a bachelor’s degree is $61,205.

Interesting facts about a computer science salary

One thing researchers are noting now about a computer science salary is the steady rise of all salaries for those who hold a bachelor’s degree in a computer-related field. The Bureau of Labor Statistics shows the starting computer science salary to average around $50,820 in 2005, which shows almost a $10,000 jump in a starting computer science salary in just five years.

Another thing that should be noted about a computer science salary is the wide range of salaries that fall into this category. For example, people with an associate’s degree in areas related to computer science, like computer systems analysis, may earn as much as $5,000 less than those with a bachelor’s degree. On the other hand, people who hold a doctoral degree in computer science typically earn closer to $100,000. That is a huge range for salaries to fall into, and it shows exactly how the level of education connects to the amount of money a college graduate has the opportunity to earn in a year.

Specialization matters for a computer science salary

One other thing that makes a huge difference in how much a computer science salary starts out at is the specialization of the degree. Students who specialized in online security can earn closer to $100,000, while those who specialize in database administration may earn closer to $70,000 per year. Web developers tend to fall somewhere in the middle, around $75,000 to $80,000 per year.

Job security

Another good thing about earning a computer science salary is job security. Experts say that even through the economic downturn, employer hiring of computer science employees has been steady, unlike many other professions in which hiring has dropped off significantly. This shows that companies will always have a need for computer science people, no matter what the economy and their current revenues look like. Computer science majors are quickly becoming the backbone of every kind of business because of how technical and automated our world has become.

Also, many computer science graduates have the advantage of having more than one job offer upon graduation. In fact, most computer science graduates report having two or more job offers upon graduation, which gave them the opportunity to choose the higher paying job or decide which company they would rather work for. This is extremely advantageous in a job market in which most positions have far too many workers to fill them, and receiving even one offer is considered successful.

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