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St Petes Beach - St. Petes Beach - Area Attractions in St. Pete Beach

Attractions and Hotels in St. Pete Beach, Florida

city looking hotels available

One of the most famous and frequently visited beaches in the United States is found in the city of St. Pete Beach, Florida. The city is located on Long Key in the Gulf of Mexico and is about 7 miles east of the city of St. Petersburg. In 1994, the city voted to change its official name to St. Pete Beach. A beautiful sandy beach stretches down the entire eastern border of St. Pete Beach. Three bridges connect the city to the surrounding areas.

Area Attractions in St. Pete Beach

Although the land area of the city is only 2.2 square miles, many attractions are packed in this small city. The city’s main attraction is the beach. While many areas of the beach have lifeguards, you should still be sure to check the weather and tides and observe all posted warnings.

There are also several charter boat companies that offer fishing and site-seeing cruises. Many companies feature snorkeling, dolphin-watching, and sunset cruises.

The St. Pete Beach Theatre is a small theatre in downtown St. Pete Beach that shows movies and hosts occasional concerts. Downtown St. Pete Beach also features a lively nightlife, with many nightclubs and restaurants to choose from.

Those looking for more attractions will be able to find everything they are looking for in the nearby cities of Tampa and St. Petersburg. From professional baseball, football, and hockey to the Busch Gardens theme park, along with many other shopping, dining, and entertainment options, the area will have something for the whole family to enjoy.

Hotels and Rentals in St. Pete Beach

In St. Pete Beach city limits, there over 3000 accommodation units, so visitors to the city should be able to find a place to stay that fits their desires and budget.

For those looking for a luxury resort, several high-end hotels are available. Hotels like the The Don Cesar offer a luxurious getaway with many amenities available on site, such as a spa and children’s activities. There is also a popular Sunday brunch available for both guests of the hotel and the general public.

Less expensive hotels in all ranges can be found by searching internet travel sites. As with most vacation spots, travel to St. Pete Beach will be cheaper during the off seasons, which is the late winter months in this area.

Another option for lodging in St. Pete Beach is to find a private rental. Sites like VacationRentals.com offer private rentals for daily, weekly, and monthly rates. Craigslist also list vacation rentals, although you need to be careful to avoid scams at this site.

Although visitors to St. Pete Beach may not find any reason to leave the beach, those who are looking for other attractions will find plenty of options, making St. Pete Beach a great destination for travelers of all ages and interests.

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