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Dvds To Rent - The Best Ways to Find DVDs to Rent - Traditional places with DVDs to rent, Mail order DVDs to rent

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As the world goes more and more digital each day, the number of places with DVDs to rent seems to be dropping off. However, people will always want to rent movies, and the world is not quite ready to get rid of non-digital media just yet. Every week there are new movies to rent on DVD, and many people just like having something tangible in their hand to actually rent. Plus, not everyone is tech savvy enough to know how to watch digital downloads on their computer, so the low price places with DVDs to rent will likely still be in business for quite some time.

Traditional places with DVDs to rent

Traditionally we went to the movie store and picked out movies to rent on either VHS or DVD. Of course many of these places are still in business today, although a growing number of them, like Hollywood Video, are closing up shop in some markets around the country. However, others like Blockbuster are still finding ways to deliver to customers DVDs to rent, like offering mail service for DVDs to rent. Traditional places like Blockbuster are usually among the most expensive places to rent DVDs from, with a price tag of $5 to $7 for one or two nights.

Mail order DVDs to rent

One of the most popular ways to get DVDs to rent is through mail order companies like Netflix. Netflix is probably the most popular mail order company, although some others are starting to challenge the movie giant by offering mail order services in addition to traditional services. Blockbuster has been offering mail order services similar to what Netflix offers, although not many people realize that the company is doing this. Also Netflix is already looking ahead to the digital future by offering a couple of different ways for people to download digital movies and watch them on their television sets. This shows that Netflix is already planning for a future in which having DVDs to rent is a thing of the past. Netflix and other mail order DVD rental places generally offer monthly subscriptions, which can range in price from $10 to $15 per month for 1, 2, or 3 movies that can be out at a time.

Boxes with DVDs to rent

Another new trend in finding DVDs to rent is boxes like RedBox or MovieCube. These boxes are scattered around at various locations like grocery stores, and they contain a set number of DVDs to rent. Of course if someone rents a DVD at one box and then returns it to a different one, then the number of DVDs at the boxes will be off a bit. Also there is only a limited number of DVDs that will fit inside of these boxes, which means that the selection of movies that can be rented from them is usually quite limited. However, the selection usually includes all of the newest movies available to rent, which means most people will not have trouble finding the movies they want to see. Also the price is right at these boxes, which usually have DVDs to rent for $1 per night.

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