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Black Down Comforter - The Best Black Down Comforter - Thread count, Fill power, Overall size, Price

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Black offers a look of classic elegance that is perfect for any bedroom, and there is just something smooth and relaxing about a black down comforter. Of course anyone who is allergic to feathers should be sure to avoid a black down comforter (or any down comforter for that matter), but anyone who loves soft, fluffy blankets will certainly enjoy one. It is fairly easy to tell if a black down comforter is of good quality, but there are a few things that you have to know to look for,

Thread count

Like sheets, a black down comforter can also be judged by thread count. The most luxurious down comforters will have thread counts of around 900. Some of these comforters may even have silk blended into the fabric, making it even smoother. Many down comforters with very high thread counts are of the quality you would find in a five-star hotel, and they are becoming more and more popular in homes as people begin to find new ways to pamper themselves at home.

Fill power

Another important number to consider when looking for the best black down comforter is fill power. Fill power is basically the grade of the feather filler material. A higher fill power means a fluffier black down comforter. The highest quality down comforters will have fill power of about 750, and some of the lower quality down comforters may not even list their fill power.

In addition to fill power, some comforters may list how much filling is in them. For example, high quality down comforters may have 60 ounces of filling in them for a king size comforter. The number of ounces will get smaller as the size of the down comforter gets smaller, with a very high quality full size down comforter usually having about 35 or 40 ounces of fill. These numbers should also indicate that the black down comforter is overfilled, which means that it has been stuffed as full as it can possibly get. This will ensure extreme softness and fluffiness.

Overall size

People who are looking for a down comforter should also remember to look for a larger size. Down comforters typically do not cover as much bed space as other types of covers because of how they are made. This is why many companies offer oversized down comforters, which are the perfect solution to this problem. Also a down comforter may need to be fluffed out to ensure that the filling is covering the entire cover, so keep this in mind as you are shopping.


A good quality black down comforter can cost anywhere from $150 and up, depending on the grades of the features already discussed. Low quality comforters can cost $50 to $100, so if the price seems too low, then look at the features we have discussed and see if any of them seem like they fall below the very high standards of quality for a black down comforter.

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