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Frigidaire Air Conditioners - Quality and Efficiency in Frigidaire Air Conditioners

central air conditioners ductless split systems wall units

Frigidaire offers a complete line of heating and air conditioning products that will provide even levels of comfort, control humidity and reduce energy consumption in every season and environment.

Older central air conditioning systems are inefficient, noisy and prone to failure. Replacing a 10 SEER system installed in the early 1990’s with a new 16 SEER Frigidaire air conditioner can save up to 38% on the cooling portion of a utility bill.

Central Air Conditioners

The value of a manufactured product is based primarily upon the quality of its components and the expertise used in assembly. Frigidaire inspects each central air conditioning system an average of 144 times before it is boxed and ready for delivery. Every electrical and mechanical component is test fired to verify operational integrity. On all outdoor units, Frigidaire uses a polyurethane finish that has withstood a 950 hour salt spray test. This provides a level of protection from erosion that is 50% better than standard finishes.

Frigidaire air conditioners are offered with SEER ratings ranging from 13 to 23. SEER is a numerical value assigned to different models of air conditioners to provide meaningful energy efficiency comparisons. A higher SEER rating results in lower power consumption.

A 13 or 14 SEER Frigidaire a/c unit that is matched with a variable speed blower will reduce electricity costs while providing quieter operation and increased levels of overall comfort. Variable speed motors gauge the cooling demand and operate at the lowest speed required to meet it.

By using two stage compressor technology in 15 and 16 SEER air conditioners, Frigidaire produces some of the most energy efficient models available from any manufacturer. The first stage provides adequate cooling during moderately warm seasonal temperatures, and runs at about 68% of capacity. When the ambient outside temperature becomes extreme, the second stage is activated to address the increased demand.

Matched with a variable speed blower, two stage condensing units offer the best levels of overall comfort with exceptional energy efficiency. Since two stage units have longer run cycles with reduced energy consumption, they can remove up to six times more moisture from the air than comparable single stage equipment.

Frigidaire is offering the industry’s most efficient central air conditioning system through its 23 SEER iQdrive series. These units incorporate inverter rotary technology that alters the compressor speed to match even minimal changes in air temperature. This ensures the lowest power consumption of any competing manufacturer and the most consistent indoor temperatures.

An important element in any air conditioning system is the warranty, and Frigidaire provides the most comprehensive guarantee available. This includes 10 years coverage on all parts in any furnace, air handler or condensing unit. The heat exchanger and compressor are the two primary components in a heating and cooling system, and both are covered for ten years when the equipment is properly registered. Labor protection plans and extended warranties are also available.

Frigidaire air conditioners are manufactured by Nordyne, a leader in the HVAC industry since 1919. Nordyne provides cutting edge HVAC equipment to the new construction, commercial and replacement markets.

Ductless Split Systems

Ductless split systems are especially well suited for room additions or garage enclosures since they do not require any ductwork. Each unit includes a fan and an evaporator coil in an attractive enclosure that hangs on the wall or from the ceiling.

Frigidaire manufactures ductless split systems in 9000 through 21,000 BTU models. They include multi-speed fan controls for maximum efficiency. Inverter technology allows the compressor to operate at capacities that match the load demand which lowers power consumption.

Ductless mini split systems include a remote control and options for wall mounted thermostats. They are also available with heat pump capabilities as well.

Wall Units

Frigidaire air conditioners are available in popular window unit styles with BTU outputs up to 24,000. They are offered as straight a/c units and can also be purchased with a supplemental heat option.

Each window unit air conditioner has a washable anti microbial filter and a remote control that varies temperature and fan speed. Installation is simple, and the units are designed to effortlessly fit into most common windows.

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