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Minneapolis Technical College - Technical Education in Minneapolis

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Specialization is the key to employment security in today’s job market. With tuition costs increasing and the volume of students with common degrees doing likewise, many individuals have been very successful at utilizing two-year technical degrees like those offered at Minneapolis Community and Technical College. Located in downtown Minneapolis, Minn., MCTC is a metropolitan campus with quick access to everything Minneapolis.

Minneapolis Community and Technical College is a member of the Minnesota State College and Universities System, offering associate degree programs in a variety of disciplines. Degree programs, in both arts and sciences, range from air traffic control to biotechnology. Being a member of the state board of colleges also makes the students eligible for federal financial aid.

In addition to a broad curriculum, Minneapolis Community and Technical College also offers internet courses for the student who prefers the comfort of home. This also allows reduced time and expense for the student, which is always a concern. The aggregate expense of a four-year college degree program makes Minneapolis Community and Technical College a very viable option for the focused student who has already made a career choice.

Minneapolis Community and Technical College is also partnered with the state employment system and cooperates with workforce investment agencies within the area. Students with technical degrees are often difficult to find and the most sought after in today’s job market. Never before has the job market been as streamlined to employ workers with a specific expertise. The service orientation of our economy has created a need for certified personnel in all service employment fields.

Many individuals who go to work in their career path before completing technical programs often use associate degrees as a springboard to further education. Because Minneapolis Community and Technical College is a state certified college, the courses taken are applicable at other schools in the state for the student who wants to continue on to the bachelor level. The general education component of the associate program is a subset of the bachelors general education requirements and the primary discipline of the technical degree is applied as electives. It is a cost effective method of achieving two degrees for the price of one.

In terms of return on investment, many employers who you work for while enrolled have tuition reimbursement plans within the company. The willingness to work in your chosen field while developing your training is traditionally well-accepted in all employments fields and is a mark of seriousness. These reimbursement programs become scholarships upon reimbursement, but normally only occur in technical training areas. When this is coupled with the fact that you are already working in your field, the degree program is paying dividends even before completion. This is a clear concern with today’s tuition rates. The bang for your educational buck counts.

Though technical educations are often overlooked for the more traditional, they are highly effective programs that make schools like Minneapolis Community and Technical College integral to the improvement and growth of their communities. Providing a necessary skilled workforce for the local community is always a goal for any local college entity, but Minneapolis Community and Technical College actually has an enrollment in excess of 12,000 students. Given community college standards, this is a very significant amount. It is clear that many students consider Minneapolis Community and Technical College to be a respected post-secondary educational facility. Very often, when this is a characteristic of the school, the job placement programs are excellent and the community looks to the school for manpower needs.

The need for an education has never been as necessary as it is in the current economic climate and an untrained workforce will not survive in future employment markets. A diversified economy means a diversified workforce and the community and technical college system, which has been a well-kept secret in many areas, could very well be the key to growth in a stable economy. If traditional college is not a reasonable option, programs like those offered at Minneapolis Community and Technical College are perfect for the broad scope of workers needed to drive the society of the future and is clearly a path to success, which is the purpose of education.

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