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Lockheed Credit Union - Why Banking With Lockheed Credit Union Is Smart

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I joined Lockheed Credit Union in 2007. Lockheed had a member association with my company. I thought it could be a great option for savings account as credit unions often have better interest accruals on savings. I was pleased enough with my savings account that I added a checking account a few months later. In over three years, I have never had anything negative to say about my experience at Lockheed Credit Union. Every transaction has been processed without issue, and every customer service call has been handled efficiently.

Lockheed Credit Union has a wide variety of services to offer. In addition to my accounts at Lockheed, I also have a vehicle loan and a credit card through them. In 2008, I had less than stellar credit. I called Lockheed Credit Union to explore my options. Instead of just pulling my credit and assigning me a number, they really worked with me. I was able to explain my situation and they matched me with a card that worked for my situation. Despite not having optimum credit, I had a nice limit card with a fairly decent interest rate of 11%. I couldn’t be happier with the credit card I have through Lockheed Credit Union. I have had a couple of limit increases as well as a reduction in my interest rate in the short time I’ve had that credit card.

In 2009, I decided to inquire with Lockheed Credit Union about re-financing my auto loan. I had been paying over $400 a month with a high interest rate to my previous lender. Once again I talked at length with a great representative in the credit department and decided to go through with the re-financing. My car payment was knocked down to $278 a month with paying off in the same time frame. That’s a lot of money for me to save toward something else rather than paying interest.

Lockheed Credit Union also offers loans for other things, including boats and motorcycles. When it comes time for me to purchase a home, I have every intention of exploring Lockheed’s rates first. Given my experience with obtaining a credit card and vehicle loan through them, I’ve found them to be more honest than a big commercial bank in addition to having better rates.

There are other great services Lockheed Credit Union offers. My favorite is rewards for using your check card. While rewards are common for credit cards, Lockheed extends those to using your every day check card. So when you buy gas or shop for groceries, you will accrue points that you can apply toward air travel or other rewards. As long as you use your debit card as a credit transaction instead of a PIN based transaction, you will earn those points.

Lockheed Credit Union also features retirement planning services. They will work with you to determine the best 401k strategy or help you open up a CD. Once again, their excellent customer service really comes in to play here with helping you determine the smartest planning strategies for everything the future might bring.

As a smaller bank, Lockheed Credit Union has more attention to offer its members. I joined on a whim and am continuously satisfied with them every day. I would advise anyone who has the ability to join to do so. Exploring their options is hassle free and can save you a ton of money on everything from credit card interest to loan interest to account fees. It is definitely worth your time to consider Lockheed Credit Union as a banking option for you.

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