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Duluth Homes For Sale - Reasons to Consider Duluth Homes for Sale

lively community affordability other benefits

If you’re itching to become a homeowner, now is certainly the best time to peruse the Duluth homes for sale market. The local housing market is improving slowly, but steadily. But, thanks to the lowest interest rates available since the 1950s’ and highly motivated sellers, there are still many gems to be snagged in the healthy Duluth, GA housing market.

Below, we’ll discuss the benefits of considering the Duluth real estate market as opposed to other areas of Georgia.

Lively Community

When choosing real estate, most buyers must make a choice between living in a smaller, outdated home in a lively, prime community and living in their dream home which is located in a boring ho-hum community. Fortunately, not only are most of the Duluth homes for sale affordable and fairly updated, but they’re also located in a lively community. In Duluth, you can have your pie and eat it too!

In Downtown Duluth, you’ll find many cafes and dessert shacks, such as the SunO Desserts, The Park Café, and the Chocolate Perks Bistro. Young twenty-somethings can lose themselves in the quaint but quality bars and nightclubs, such as El Noa Noa, Tony’s Sports Bar and Grill, and the Sweet Water Bar and Grill, and of course, The Arena Tavern.


Affordability is clearly a determining factor for most home buyers. And, fortunately, the price tags of most Duluth homes that are for sale appeal to buyers in a wide variety of price points. Whether you’re sitting on a budget that’s less than $150,000 or well over $400,000, there is a property calling your name in Duluth.

As reported by the Census Bureau’s 2007 statistics, the national average cost of a single family home is approximately $300,000. However, by simply scanning through the current stable of Duluth homes for sale, it’ll be evident that you can purchase a beautiful home for well under the national average.

In fact, even just $150,000 to $200,000 goes a long way in Duluth. Such a modest budget can purchase a home to the tune of 3-bedrooms, 2-baths, a fairly spacious lot and well over 1,500 sq ft. Single family homes at this price point generally don’t come along with granite countertops or sprawling master suites.

However, these upgrades can be done on your own dime for a fraction of the cost when compared to purchasing a home prepackaged with all of the fixings.

If you’re hoping to attain the biggest bang for your buck, consider purchasing an attached home, often referred to as condos or townhomes. Townhomes and condos generally don a more updated appearance which often includes granite countertops, glass tile backsplashes and hardwood floors. Though there are monthly condo and HOA fees involved with these properties, the listing price is often far lower than a detached home.

Other Benefits

Duluth and the surrounding areas of Gwinnett County have a lot to offer to residents. However, the true goldmine of fun, games and a voracious social life is found in Atlanta, GA. With just a 35-minute drive, you can head to Atlanta for a night out on the town, and still be back home in time to watch the evening news.

Duluth is the perfect setting to raise a family. The area is populated with high rated school clusters, including the highly desirable Collins Hill school cluster near Suwanee and Lawrenceville. Your children will receive an exceptional education, along with the coveted suburban education experience.

The crime rate in Duluth is exceptionally low. The resident to sex offender ratio is approximately 1,000 to 1. And since 2005, the overall crime rate has steadily decreased. Being aware of these facts helps ensure the safety of your family. And fortunately, Duluth is one of the safest cities in Georgia.

Duluth, GA is an all American town which truly keeps the best interest of the residents at heart. The quality of living is high, the area attractions and recreational activities are abundant and the cost of living is well below the national average. Make the move to Duluth – start your family’s future today.

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