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Jobs In Criminal Justice - What Types of Jobs in Criminal Justice Are Available?

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Anyone thinking about his or her future and searching for the right career path has a lot to consider. What are the possible job opportunities in the job field being considered? What is the earning potential of jobs in that field? Jobs in criminal justice, especially for someone with a degree in criminal justice, law, and other related areas, are numerous.

Jobs in criminal justice cover many different genres. Besides jobs in police departments and other law enforcement agencies like patrol officer, detective, or agent for the FBI, DEA, Secret Service, Border Patrol, and Customs, the field of criminal justice covers an even broader spectrum jobs, such as:

· Court Reporter
· Attorney, Legal Aide, and Paralegal
· Judges and Judicial Worker
· Corrections Officer
· Probation Officer
· Private Investigator

While jobs in criminal justice like police or detective work and Federal agent positions don’t pay huge salaries, the pay is comfortable and there are often good employment opportunities in these fields, especially in areas with a high crime rate. The jobs tend to be stressful and often dangerous, but the good that is accomplished can outweigh the amount of money that is paid. Just as in any occupation, the more experience you gain and move up in the ranks the more your potential to earn higher salaries will increase.

Following are a few examples of jobs in criminal justice, along with opportunities for jobs in those fields, possible earnings, and requirements for acceptance and training.

Police Officer and Detective
The main job of a uniformed officer with a law enforcement agency is to protect the people in their jurisdiction as well as their property. Common police activities for patrol officers include responding to auto accidents and controlling traffic, investigation of thefts and assaults, and regular neighborhood patrols.

Agencies that employ uniformed patrol officers are those at the local and municipal level as well as county sheriff’s offices and state police offices. Some organizations like public facilities and transportation, school districts, and colleges all may employ their own special police agencies.

Detectives investigate crimes by collecting evidence and obtaining facts related to the case through interviews, observation of suspects, studying records, and taking part in raids. Detectives often specialize in one particular type of crime and work on each crime they are assigned until it is either solved or dropped.

Every police agency has their own requirements to become an officer and then a detective. Once passing entry requirements, training may require three to four months and includes hands on training in things like gun use, traffic control, and self defense.

A police corporal averages from about $40,000 to $50,000 per year while a detective average about $56,000.

Court Reporter
Court reporters are a vital part of the criminal justice system because they keep a written record of words spoken in situations like legal proceedings, discussion, and meetings. These records are important as legal proof of what went on in the proceedings.

There are two main types of court reporting: stenotyping and voice writing. With the first method, the records are kept using a stenotype machine. The information entered is put onto computer disk so that the computer can provide what is known as computer-aided transcription. Voice writing utilizes a microphone and voice silencer into which the court reporter repeats the statements made in court.

Stenotyping requires almost 3 hears of training while voice writing requires less than a year. Requirements for court reporters vary by state. The average income for court reporters is approximately $52,000 per year.

Computer Forensics
Computer crime is growing rapidly, creating a bigger need for computer forensic investigators in all different levels of law enforcement. A computer forensic investigator is trained in everything from stopping computer crimes against children to recovering files from computers that have been hacked or damaged. Often, they recover information that is important to a criminal prosecution.

Now that many colleges and universities offer computer forensic degrees, a course of study that includes things like computer security, cyber crime, and related information systems is usually required. Study should also include Internet crime against children and adults, how to present evidence at trial, and detection of security intrusions.

The salaries in this field can vary depending on whether you work for a private corporation or law enforcement. Yearly pay can run anywhere between $50,000 and $100,000.

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