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Holden Beach Rentals - How to Find a Holden Beach Rental

deposit week fee cleaning

Holden Beach is on the Brunswick Islands just off the coast of North Carolina. It is a forty minute drive south on I-95 from Wilmington, North Carolina or the same driving time north from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina on US-17. Rental houses are plentiful on Holden Beach. Visitors flock here in the summer to participate in a variety of activities including surfing, kayaking, turtle watching, outdoor concerts and sand castle contests. Holden Beach is listed as one of the top family beaches by National Geographic Traveler and is officially recognized as a National Healthy Beach.

The cost of renting a house on Holden Beach usually includes a weekly fee, a cleaning fee, and a security deposit. The security deposit will be refunded if no damage to the rental is found at check-out. Rental prices also vary according to the time of year, with prices being higher June through August. Houses rented by the owner are, for the most part, less expensive than houses managed by a property manager. Amenities and location in reference to the beach also affect the price.

For instance, a waterfront house on the canal side of the island with an ocean view, a private boat dock near a public ramp and fishing pier with three bedrooms and two baths with all household appliances including a washer and dryer is advertised for $825 per week in April and May or $925 per week in June, July and August. There is a cleaning fee of $75 and a security deposit of $100, making the total rental price $1,000 to $1,100 per week plus tax. A property managing company has a house listed with the same number of bedrooms and bathrooms and the same amenities that is located a street back from the ocean side of the beach for $1,225 per week, but doesn’t mention a cleaning fee or a security deposit.

Sometimes an owner or a property manager will have a cancelation and need to rent a house in a hurry. In this case, you can get a bargain. A four bedroom, two bathroom holden beachfront cottage that normally rents for $2,000 per week is listed for $1,200 including cleaning, deposit and taxes.

Although most of the holden beach rentals have three or more bedrooms with prices running from $1,000 to $2,500 before additional fees, there are a few two bedroom houses on the island that rent for $700 to $900. These smaller houses are hard to find and are typically reserved far in advance, so plan to start looking early.

Many times, rental properties will be listed as “at” holden beach, but they are actually on the mainland, so if you have your heart set on staying on the island, get the address and look it up before you commit. Here are some examples of prices for rentals on the mainland: A two bedroom, two bath mobile home in the woods that sleeps six is $550 weekly with a $100 deposit and is five minutes from the beach. A two bedroom, two bath condo rental that is ten minutes from the beach is listed for $550 per week with a $50 cleaning fee and a $250 deposit.

However, staying at the beach has many advantages. Loggerhead turtles lay their eggs on the island at night and can be seen on late night walks. An educational series called Turtle Talk is offered each Wednesday night at 7:00 p.m. throughout the summer at the new Town Hall. Beach activities such as festivals, castle building contests, and concerts every Sunday evening at the Holden Beach Pavilion are much more convenient to attend if attending doesn’t involve packing and moving beach gear each time you go. Surfers and kayakers prefer to stay on the beach so that they don’t have to haul their equipment back and forth. On the whole, if you want a beach vacation, your vacation will be much more rewarding with a rental on the beach.

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