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Windows Network Monitor - The Benefits Of Windows Network Monitor

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If you’re a network administrator at work or running a home network, it’s important to keep an eye on the web traffic that is coming across your network. Doing so allows you to catch viruses or worms, as well as keep an eye on file sharing and bandwidth use. Windows Network Monitor is the Microsoft tool that allows you to do this. Windows Network Monitor allows you to see which users on your network are using the most bandwidth or track any potential network risks. In addition to monitoring your network, this tool also allows you to see which protocols are absorbing the most bandwidth. This helps determine if you can cut some corners to save room or if you need to upgrade your server or network.

Windows Network Monitor is available on all versions of Microsoft Windows. It is simple to download and install. Depending on the components you want for Network Monitor, the size can range from 6 MB up to 21 MB. Once Windows Network Monitor is installed, it can be run to begin analyzing your network performance.

When running Network Monitor, you can see the address of the computer that is sending any data. You can also see what the data is, where it is going, and the protocols used to send it. Windows Network Monitor enables you to set up filters for capturing data, making it easier to analyze. You can set up filters to set up one or many data types to capture. This method doesn’t require as much disk space. You can also choose to capture all data and use display filters to analyze a particular dataset. While this means you would have all data on hand, it takes up a lot more disk space. All of the data packets are presented in a list, and you can double click on one packet to get a deeper analysis.

Windows Network Monitor also allows you to target a specific computer on your network. If you suspect an employee is not using his computer properly, you can enter his computer address and track all of the protocols sent and received on that computer. This enables you to know which employees are following your technology guidelines. This is vital for network security, especially if your company deals with sensitive information such as medical charts or financial statements.

Running a network can lead to a lot of problems. Windows Network Monitor allows you to troubleshoot these problems with ease. If a server is running slow or timing out, you can use Network Monitor to see what process are causing the problems on that server. It is a diagnostic tool designed to help your network run at its best capability. Windows Network Monitor will save you money and headaches when addressing issues by identifying exactly what the problem is and allowing you to fix it.

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