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Saratoga Homes For Sale - Sarasota, Florida--A Great Place To Call Home!

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Tucked away in a forgotten corner of the Florida Gulf Coast, Sarasota has been a favorite haunt of artists and fisherman for many years. In the past, Sarasota has been a hidden gem, guarded by those fortunate enough to have found its charm prior to the influx of new residents. However, the past five years have seen a sharp upturn in the number of home sold in this region, and the new boom has great benefits for both sellers and buyers in this fascinating city.

The number of Sarasota, Florida, homes for sale has been growing for many reasons. Great golf, fishing, and that special “Old Florida” flair has interested investors and owners in this area for the last few years. Sarasota has grown tremendously and is a cosmopolitan city, no longer the little “fishing village” of yesterday; however, the art scene and trendy restaurants have not changed the basic small-town atmosphere that pervades this West Florida Coastal city. Residents agree that this is one of Florida’s most unspoiled beach cities, with everything the discerning coastal home owner could desire. Low crime rates and beautiful weather make Sarasota, Florida, homes for sale a great buy for all age groups.

Relatively close to both Tampa and Miami, Sarasota boasts a good airport, access to cruise lines nearby, and wonderful schools and health care. While the West Coast was once considered isolated, interstate construction, particularly the completion of the I-75 extension, have helped this area move forward to become a vibrant, energetic area in keeping with the rest of Florida.

While Sarasota itself offers many options in home and business ownership, there are also several keys stretching out from the Sarasota Coast. Longboat, Siesta, Casey, and Bird Keys all offer beach-front lifestyle and miles of beautiful shore. In the city proper, condos and new construction, as well as charming existing homes, keep the real estate market hopping. The West Coast has experienced a resurgence of interest as the Atlantic becomes more crowded and industrial. Some of Florida’s best real estate values are in the area between Tampa and the Keys, Sarasota being one of the largest and most sought-after.

The recent overall drop in real estate prices has benefitted buyers looking to invest in Sarasota, Florida, Homes for sale. While beach-front or near-beach property remains expensive, it is much less so than in previous years. The average price for Sarasota, Florida, homes for sale has dipped a whopping 4.8% this month, bringing average asking price to $524,000 and median sales price to $165,000. The average price per square foot for Sarasota, Florida, homes for sale is around $141, well below the national average for coastal property.

For sellers, the picture is also beginning to improve. After an all-time low in July of 2008, the median sales figures for Sarasota, Florida, homes for sale have been rising slowly but steadily. Part of this was due to the once-in-a-lifetime hurricane activity of the past year, but as the area rebuilds, real estate prices have rebounded somewhat. The overall settling of the housing market has also helped sales figures. As more money becomes available for investment, discerning buyers are looking closely at the Sarasota market as a great entry-level purchase opportunity to get on the beach—or as a great retirement option.

The average one-bedroom home in Sarasota is up a whopping $25,000 from last year, averaging $83,500. Two-and three-bedroom homes have increased by $10,000 over last year’s figures, up to $130,000 and $175,000, respectively. Four-bedroom homes have increased by an incredible $75,000, up to $366,000 over last year’s figures. It is obvious that home ownership, especially for larger families, has become a reality in Sarasota over the past year. The trend is expected to continue through the next year, at least. At the same time, the number of listings has decreased slightly, tilting the market in favor of sellers.

Business property is much more difficult to pin to concrete numbers, as many businesses in Sarasota operate from condos or homes as well as offices. However, a great deal of business property is new construction, buildings erected to attract large investors into the area. Office space averages a little less than twice that of residential, but lease options as well as purchases make business space a viable option for almost any size company.

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