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Hotels In Lake Buena Vista - Things to Consider When Looking For Hotels in Lake Buena Vista

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Lake Buena Vista, Florida, is one of the world’s top vacation destinations—and with good reason. It’s the home of the Walt Disney World Resort, a sprawling 43-square mile wonderland filled with theme parks, shopping, restaurants and hotels. In Lake Buena Vista, tourists find that the town caters to them. It can be overwhelming.

Disney World vacationers may have various reasons for booking a Lake Buena Vista hotel rather than staying onsite at one of the Disney resorts. Hotels in Lake Buena Vista may be cheaper than comparable onsite hotels. They may offer amenities that can’t be had onsite, such as a complimentary breakfast. And several hotels in Lake Buena Vista are actually closer to the Disney theme parks than some of the hotels on Disney property. Or they may be planning to split their vacation between Disney and other parks in the Orlando area and feel that will be easier offsite.

It’s important to have an idea what you’re looking for in a hotel to narrow your search. First, have some idea of the price range you can afford. Hotels in Lake Buena Vista range from extreme budget prices up to deluxe suites. You’ll be able to find options in any price range, but it’s best to determine that ahead of time rather than being swayed by online resort pictures that may influence you to spend more than you’re comfortable with.

Your choice of hotels in Lake Buena Vista will be determined partly by where you plan to spend the majority of your vacation. If you’ll be spending each day at the Disney parks, you may want to consider one of the hotels in the Lake Buena Vista Downtown Disney Resort area. These hotels aren’t owned by Disney, but they’re technically on Disney property. They offer the chance to be closer to the magic without the inflated price tags of the official Disney hotels.

If you intend to spread your vacation among several attractions in the Orlando area, you may want to look at the hotels further to the north and west in Lake Buena Vista. These have the advantages of generally lower prices and significantly less traffic congestion.

Consider whether you’re hoping to be able to ride a shuttle bus from your Lake Buena Vista hotel to Disney World or other theme parks. Many hotels offer free shuttle service, but you need to ask direct questions about how often it runs and how many hotels a single shuttle services. In most cases, you’re better off driving your own car to the parks. Some hotels in Lake Buena Vista, though, offer fairly good shuttle service to the non-Disney theme parks, something you wouldn’t find on Disney property.

Other things to look for when shopping for hotels in Lake Buena Vista are onsite restaurants or complimentary breakfast. Several hotels offer promotions for kids to eat free with a paying adult. You may want to look for a hotel offering an in-room refrigerator or microwave—this can help you save money on food costs by keeping cold drinks or sandwich makings in your room. Be sure to find out whether the hotel offers free parking. Many hotels in Lake Buena Vista have elaborate pool areas with landscaping and theming. Some offer kiddie pools, water play areas or playgrounds. Look at pictures of hotel pools if that’s important to you.

Anyone looking for hotels in Lake Buena Vista needs to be aware that many hotels in this area charge a nightly resort fee on top of the regular room rate. This covers use of the pool, in-room safe and other amenities. This fee varies from one or two dollars a night up to fifteen dollars at some hotels, so be sure to read all the fine print or ask about extra resort fees.

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