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Pelco Security Camera - Why Choose Pelco Security Cameras?

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Pelco is leading the industry in the manufacture of security cameras for a multitude of utilities and uses. From highway and traffic light video surveillance to top-secret, badge-only access points for corporate and government facilities, Pelco’s products are on the cutting edge. The clarity of the high-resolution video capture ensures the safety of the area being surveyed, and anyone caught on tape can be clearly identified when reviewed later. The image clarity makes these cameras useful for a variety of different situations. Facilities that require twenty-four hour surveillance will be well pleased with this product, and it will require very little programming, alteration, or supervision once the camera has been installed into your system and given the settings you require. With a full range of cameras with different megapixel ranges and key features, you are sure to find a camera or set of cameras for your unique security situation. If you’re the one in charge of procuring security equipment for your facility, it’s important to know that you have video applications that you can put your trust in. Put your safety and security in Pelco Security cameras. Pelco’s line of outdoor dome cameras are superior in quality, trustworthiness and excellence, and have been tested to ensure that they can withstand the most extreme temperatures and weather conditions. Using IP technology, these cameras are guaranteed to remain online and in communication with your facility’s security network at all times, no matter what the situation, indoors or outdoors. If you need to be discreet, Pelco makes a line of mini-cameras that serve the overall same function and purpose as their bigger dome camera counterparts. No matter what your individual security needs, Pelco cameras deliver performance again and again. In today’s world, security is one of the most important aspects of our daily lives, both on a personal level and a corporate level. It’s also one of the things that seem to have been slipping away in recent years. Pelco is changing all of that.

Pelco’s complete line of full-service security products will ensure that you, your home, your place of business, and the government’s most high-priority buildings will be protected around the clock, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. With Pelco’s cameras, once they are integrated into your security grid, they are there to keep your facility safe on a permanent basis, day in, day out. In particular, the Pelco SD53C22 Spectra II security camera does a wonderful job at keeping your perimeter safe. It has built-in Back Box Memory, password protected access, a built-in surge protector, and is available in both black and white for day and night surroundings. This camera is designed for either indoor or outdoor usage. The smallest in the family of Pelco security cameras is the Pelco C10CH-6 Color Security Camera. In its offerings are automatic gain control, electronic shutter control, autosensing power, and flickerless mode. It contains a standard CS lens mount and can be used with a multitude of different lenses, including manual, fixed, or a Pelco auto iris lens, which connects via a standard four-pin square connector. It comes included with an on-screen menu that lets you get everything just right, from area masking to pixel correction. It takes virtually no time to install, and you can get up and running in just minutes. It works well over a long cable without interruption, if the situation calls for it. Pelco sells these cameras individually, or you can purchase a complete security system including all cameras and hookups for around $2,900. The Pelco DX4004 Spectra Mini CC3701H-2 4ch Complete Security System includes four cameras, a top-of-the-line digital video recorder, a five amp central power supply, eight BNC connectors, and a five hundred foot spool of cable, perfect for today’s surveillance situations, including factories, stores and retail outlets, restaurants, banks, and more. The reasons for choosing Pelco over other top brands is the quality and consistency with which all of their cameras and security systems are manufactured and engineered, needing little maintenance and no complicated setups. If you are a business owner or bank manager, watching the store is going to be your number one concern next to providing excellent service to all of your customers. Pelco camera systems deliver, each and every time.

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