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Pet Safe Fence - Everything You Need to Know about a Pet Safe Fence

chain link dog sharp

Most pet owners do not see their dogs and cats as mere possessions, but as vital parts of their families as well as their everyday lives. As with any family member, you will want your pet to be safe, particularly in situations where you are not always present. With the average pet, in more cases than not, the time in question is when your pet is in the yard. With this in mind, you need to be aware of what is required for a pet safe fence for your lawn.

Initially, the most common issue in a safe fence for pets is that of the possibility of escape. If you live anywhere near a highway or in an urban environment, you absolutely must have an escape proof fence for your pet. Regardless if your fence is wooden or chain link, you have to know your pet well to decide what is best. With dogs, you generally have three personality types that you have to watch out for. These are the diggers, the jumpers, and the climbers. If you have a dog that seems to have mastered the art of climbing, you will not want your pet safe fence to be chain link. There are too many options for your pet to get a grip with his or her feet and scale the fence. For climbers, a wooden fence is best, with no spaces between the beams. For jumpers, you will want a high fence, beyond the height of that attainable by your dog when jumping. For the diggers, you can always place some sort of rock base or even a wood base along the inside edge of the fence, preventing your pet from digging right at the edge. Rock is best, as it doesn’t wear down with age. Rock tile can be purchased at your local hardware or home improvement store.

Another aspect that one should take into consideration in the pet safe fence is that of jagged or sharp tops. Even if your dog is not a jumper or a climber, there may come a day when he/she figures out how to scale a fence or get to the top in some manner. If this does occur, jagged or sharp tops can do severe damage to your pet. With a chain link fence, it won’t be pet safe if there is not a rounded bar lining the top all the way around. Your local veterinarian will even advise you to avoid sharp edges on your fence.

If your dog is a permanent outside dog, the pet safe fence solution is very simple. Virtually every pet store will have in stock kennels that are particularly designed to maintain pet safety with kennels that re build from chain link fence materials, with the exception that they have chain link roofs on them. Not only does this make your fence pet safe, but it also provides a surface that you can put a tarp on to provide shelter from the elements.

Lastly, there is the option that few choose, but is the most affordable and safest for your pet. This is the act of actually building your own pet safe fence. The process is actually very simple. You buy boards, preferably 1×5’s or anything wider. 1×5’s are generally the most affordable. These will be your vertical boards that comprise the majority of your fence material. Then, buy a few 2×4’s and four 4×4’s. The 2×4’s will be the brace beams that go on the fence to hold the 1×5’s together. You’ll need two horizontal beams all the way around. The 4×4’s are your corner braces that you connect the sides of each wall to. A few nails and a short work period and you can fence off your entire yard like this, giving your animal not only a pet safe fence, but also all the running room that you want. Again, in this type of fence, make sure it’s tall enough that your pet cannot jump over it, not sharp at the top, and based with wood or stone so they may not dig under.

Your pet is like your child. He or she depends entirely upon your good judgment for their safety and well-being. Invest the time required to make sure that your animal has a pet safe fence.

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