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Mackinac Island Hotel - Looking For That Old World Charm: Stay At A Mackinac Island Hotel

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One of the very best tourist attractions in the State of Michigan is Mackinac Island. This sparkling jewel located on the very top of the “mitten”can be reached by crossing over another landmark – the Mackinac Bridge. It has been on of the most popular summertime destinations for more than a century. People are attracted by the slow pace and rustic nature of this paradise. While many visitors are there just to see the sights, the great many accommodations offered make this a hotbed for conventions also.

A Mackinac Island Hotel to suit almost any taste can be found quite easily by a reputable travel agent. However, with the advent of the Internet, many people are doing their own research into this industry. The oldest and most famous lodging on this island is the Grand Hotel. It is over 100 years old and boasts the world’s longest front porch at 660 feet. With a relatively short operating season from May 5th to October 25th, this place is almost always booked solid. Guests enjoy a unique experience no matter what room they stay in, since none of the 385 units are the same. With over 5 million guests since it’s opening, this place has been on the most popular destinations in the country.

Although mainly operating as a lodging place, the Grand has also been used as a backdrop for a couple of films as well. “Somewhere in Time” a 1980 production starring Christopher Reeve, Jane Seymour and Christopher Plummer was shot here, turning the expansive residence into a movie set. The picture has developed its own fan club, with members returning every year to the place for an annual event in October. Also, a 1947 picture: “This Time for Keeps”, starring aquatic star Esther Williams was made here as well. In fact, the swimming pool which holds 500,000 gallons of water was named for Ms. Williams following production of the film.

In addition to the normal guest list, five U.S. presidents have also enjoyed a stay at the Grand Hotel. This short list includes Bill Clinton, George Bush, Gerald Ford, John F. Kennedy and Harry S. Truman.

While the Grand Hotel is the largest and most well known, this is not the only Mackinac Island Hotel available for tourists. Mission Point Resort offers many of the same amenities on this scenic paradise, including the kind of Old World hospitality rarely seen anywhere else. The Lake View Hotel is also another one of the Island’s best kept secrets. The completely restored 1858 Victorian style resort offers a nice value for the money, making it an attractive spot for honeymooners and families. One more well known venue is the family owned and operated Murray Hotel. It has been an island attraction since 1882, featuring old fashioned atmosphere coupled with modern renovations to meet modern traveler’s needs. A few others that are prominently featured include the Harbour View Inn, the Lilac Tree Hotel & Spa, The Island House, the Hotel Iroquois, the Inn on Mackinac and the Chippewa Hotel Waterfront.

These are just a few of the great many places that are available for lodging. While most visitors don’t go specifically for the accommodations, it is comforting to know that this part of the package is well taken care of also. Mackinac Island is unique in that it is accessible only by ferry boat or plane. There are no motorized vehicles allowed here as all transportation is provided by horse and carriage or bicycle. This unique set of rules makes it a perfect place for a honeymoon. There is nothing more romantic than a horse drawn carriage ride in the moon light. That helps to explain why so many visitors flock to this area every summer. This figure is usually over one million, an impressive number indeed when the total population of year round residents equals 600 people.

A Mackinac Island Hotel offers some of the most unique features in the entire world. Most visitors return every year for the slow pace and old world charm. They are captivated by the return to yesteryear that was fostered on the first visit. It’s as though the fountain of youth is on this very island.

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